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Round up of civil rights victories

Cities’ gun restrictions begin to topple:

Since last June, when the US Supreme Court struck down key parts of the District of Columbia’s gun-control ordinance, cities have seen the 20,000 local gun regulations enacted over the years begin to slip from their grip, one by one.


Via SIH, who notes past interactions with the author.

2 Responses to “Round up of civil rights victories”

  1. Sailorcurt Says:

    For the CSM, that was actually a pretty balanced article.

    The first thing I noticed was that they correctly said that SCOTUS “affirmed” the individual right to keep and bear arms rather than implying that they magically conjured up a new right that didn’t exist before (like they did with abortion).

    But on the other side, this statement really stood out:

    “[assault-style weapons] are semi-automatic rifles altered to combat specifications.”

    Ummm…not exactly.

    But overall it was surprisingly free from PSH compared to what normally comes out of the CSM

  2. Chas Says:

    “It’s been a disappointing year for American cities seeking to curb violence via tough gun laws.”

    When has it ever been otherwise?

    The article also contains the erroneous statement that the Ninth Circuit struck down the ordinance banning gun shows. They didn’t.