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cool concept

An air rifle based on the AR-15 platform. I like it but at $2K, I can buy two ARs and some ammo.

4 Responses to “cool concept”

  1. Tam Says:

    You and I are not its target market. It claims to be intended to allow National Match shooters to practice indoors, and a lot of those guys have more than that sunk into their sights and triggers and shooting jackets.

  2. AughtSix Says:

    I’m one of those guys in that target market, and there are quite a few of us drooling over of one of those. I’d love to have one, but I’d rather have a proper 10m air rifle. You can see things you’re doing wrong (and fix them) with a good air rifle so much better than with a centerfire gun, and while mimicking the limitations of the service rifle class AR15 would make it better for position refinement, it takes away some of the ability to see errors from balance, hand position on the trigger, breathing, etc. You can refine your position with your normal AR15, but it’s really hard to learn to see the effects of those errors when you’re shooting a gun with the recoil and short barrel time of a centerfire.

    Also, the CMP and Creedmoor have been promoting a new 10 meter air rifle discipline that tries to replicate a high power match. The targets are scaled versions of high power targets, and the “rapid fire” stages are single loaded, but with shorter time allotments than normal single-loaded stages.

  3. Overload in CO Says:

    I think I remember reading about this on the Firearms Blog. Importing was stopped as it was thought the lower could be mated to a gun upper, and therefore it’s a gun and needs to go through FFA stuff.

  4. Tomcatshanger Says:

    Not too much ammo.