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No guns on campus

No free speech either. A student at a Pittsburgh community college has been banned from starting a Students for Concealed Carry on Campus chapter there:

A student who wants to form a gun-rights group at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) has been threatened with disciplinary action for her efforts. Student Christine Brashier has turned to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help after reporting that administrators banned her informational pamphlets, ordered her to destroy all copies of them, and told her that further “academic misconduct” would not be tolerated.

5 Responses to “No guns on campus”

  1. MattCFII Says:

    Tom Gresham had a young woman on his show to that is facing problems with trying to get a similar group started. I think this happens a lot more than we realize. What a bunch of hypocrites, universities should allow for free exchange of ideas like they claim they do.

  2. B Woodman Says:

    Most Lib places of “higher education” read like “Animal Farm.” All speech is free, but some speech is more free then others. (Meaning that YOUR speech is LESS free).

  3. Lyle Says:

    It is the height of naiveté to expect anything different.

    Please; understand that if you are going to advocate for liberty, especially at a community college, you have to be prepared, in advance, for this sort of reaction. Plan for it; be ready with a response to their counter response, and with a counter response to their counter-counter response, etc. Have all of that ready to roll before you begin.

    If you don’t know the downright nastiness and the hypocrisy of the Left by now, for shit’s sake stay out of the fight. You’ll only get hurt, or they’ll just wear you down until you give up.

  4. workinwifdakids Says:

    Hmmm… and here I thought academic misconduct had something to do with academics. Oh, bother.

  5. HardCorps Says:

    The FIRE is amazing – all they had to do was write a letter and the heat of the school government was lifted from a group I contributed to. They are a true rights-defending organization.