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Ruger SR556

So, that’s the big thing Ruger was pushing. Some reactions:

NUGUN at the convention filming Bane’s interview.

Tam says wait and see.

Marshal’ette Halloway takes it for a spin.

A look at the gas system.

Oh my god, it’s a $2000 Ruger

5 Responses to “Ruger SR556”

  1. chris Says:

    I’m still waiting for the Ruger 1911A1.

  2. nk Says:

    It’s too bad because Ruger makes some sweet firearms but I have been boycotting them practically all my shooting life because of their protectionism. Ruger has supported every anti-importation law.

  3. nk Says:

    Oh, yeah, and their stupid Vaquero with its floating firing pin and loading-gate half-cock, too.

  4. wv Says:

    Don’t blame Ruger for supporting gun laws. . Blame >> BILL RUGER << who is dead now for several years.

    The management who runs Ruger now does not support stupid feel-good laws.

  5. Big Jake Says:

    Great, another $2000 piston driven assault rifle. Lets see: SIG 556, H&K MR556, Bushmaster ACR, FN SCAR all MSRP at or over $2000 (you can’t get a SCAR for that price but thats what FN says you should be paying). I guess I’d me more “WOW!” if it was a piston driven AR for close to $1000 than its a deal but if I’m goign to fork over that much cash Ruger isn’t at the top of my wish list. And for that much if it only delivers the same level of accuracy as the Ruger Mini-14 they can take that rifle and stick it.