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The Inter-American Arms Treaty

Story kinda broke yesterday but, being at my secure and undisclosed location, I wasn’t able to blog about it. Sebastian did the heavy lifting. Anyway, it looks like Barack Obama has pledged his support for a treaty that will advocate restricting gun rights:

In addition to making illegal the unauthorized manufacture and exporting of firearms, the treaty calls for countries to adopt strict licensing requirements, mark firearms when they are made and imported to make them easier to trace, and establish a cooperative process for sharing information between national law-enforcement agencies investigating arms smuggling.

No thanks. There’s enough in there to really rile up gun owners though. You watch. Meanwhile, NRA issues a statement:

The NRA is well aware of the proposed Organization of American States treaty on firearms trafficking, known by its Spanish initials as CIFTA. The NRA monitored the development of this treaty from its earliest days, but contrary to news reports today, the NRA did not “participate” at the meeting where the treaty was approved.

More on the specifics and a copy of the treaty here.

One Response to “The Inter-American Arms Treaty”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Hmm, so the “unauthorized manufacture and exporting of firearms” isn’t already illegal? Firearms aren’t already marked? A serial number isn’t a “mark”? Strange.

    I guess they could just outlaw crime, you know, so no one would be able to commit a crime without breaking the law. Yeah, I’m sure that would work.