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All out media assault

It starts. The press is pretty much working overtime to crank out the PSH. Everywhere you look, it’s all guns violence all the time. The press has taken to reporting multiple murders to mass shootings. So let’s round some up:

A good review of the 20/20 hit piece here. All you need to know:

Some pro-gun guy I donít recognize, who is not identified (Via Matt in comments, I have learned that this is Philip Van Cleave, head of the Virginia Citizens Defense League), cites studies which show the presence or more law-abiding gun owners reduces crime, not increases it. (ed. – This is the last we will see of any pro-gun viewpoints in the show.)

And that’s how it will go. David Hardy and John Lott weigh in on ABC’s reporting of active shooters.

A play by play of the 60 minutes piece here.

Any way, despite the assault, they’er not getting traction. Newsweek bemoan(ing) the fact that the Dems are terrified of gun control. And Obama supposedly throwing in the towel on gun control.

Expect more.

One Response to “All out media assault”

  1. Mikee Says:

    Their agenda has not changed, and when they have a one vote majority to pass anti-gun laws, they will.

    Kick them while they are down, and keep kicking so they can’t get back up.