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How can such a sexy rifle have an image problem

NSSF is trying to address the AR-15’s image problem. Since Zumbo, I think it’s come around quite a bit. And it is the most popular sporting rifle platform around. From WV Outdoor News:

“It’s cosmetically challenged,” said noted gun writer Tom Gresham. “It’s kind of like one of those ‘replicars’, where you have a Volkswagen chassis that looks like a Ferrari. The AR-15 looks like an M-16, a fully automatic military rifle, but it is not. It’s semi-automatic and fires one shot each time you pull the trigger.”

It’s scary and black too! And some politicos (two of which are on the Democrat presidential ticket) want to ban these politically incorrect self-loading firearms based on cosmetics. Ahab has more, and notes:

I do have to agree that the AR platform of rifles kind of has an image problem outside of the sport shooting community; and I applaud the efforts of NSSF to take educational action to correct and manage that image problem.

Perhaps that’s where the image problem lies. But whenever I take a new shooter to the range, I always take an AR. And the new shooters always like it the best.

One Response to “How can such a sexy rifle have an image problem”

  1. Canthros Says:

    Isn’t the M1A a semi-auto equivalent of the military M14?

    It’s amazing how much more dangerous a weapon apparently is with a pistol grip on it.