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Poor Brady Bunch

After lying and telling everyone that H.R. 6691 (bill in congress to regulate DC’s gun laws for them) would allow people to carry loaded assault weapons on city streets. Teenagers and children would be allowed to carry assault and sniper rifles, as the bill repeals all age restrictions on the possession of long guns, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership breaks out some pure, enrichment grade deception:

New NRA Gun Bill Shows Gun Lobby Deception

Funny, the NRA hasn’t lied about what the bill does but Brady has.

Just hours after a Brady Center report highlighted the NRA’s repeated and false denials that its bill to gut DC’s gun laws would allow assault rifles on the streets of Washington, the gun lobby has revised the bill to prevent the carrying of assault weapons on DC’s streets.

The bill never allowed the carrying of assault weapons on DC’s streets. They really are desperate.

One Response to “Poor Brady Bunch”

  1. BobG Says:

    If the Brady Bunch said the sky was blue, I’d walk outside to check. They lie on reflex.