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Quote of the Day

Robert on M1 carbines: who could object to being shot with such a fine rifle?

2 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Robert Says:

    Who indeed? As Phil Gramm would say: WHINERS!

  2. straightarrow Says:

    While I agree with Graham’s assessment of the moment, I can’t forget that he said he didn’t go to Viet Nam because he considered himself “too smart”.

    He could have disagreed on almost any other criterion and I wouldn’t dislike him so, but he didn’t. He just felt he was too good. I don’t take seriously people who look down on me.

    To repeat what I told a manager at one time when he told me to do something I wouldn’t do and he reminded me he was my superior; “I have no superiors and damn few equals.” Every honorable man should hold that belief of himself. I lived in Graham’s district when he was a big deal, that was also the time he said what I referred to above. I haven’t been able to tolerate him since. Better men than he went and some didn’t come back and he viewed that as his superiority, fuck him.;