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Atlanta Airport and Guns

A little conflict between a state rep. with a CCW permit and the airport.

In other news, notice how many folks are getting their activism on after Heller?

6 Responses to “Atlanta Airport and Guns”

  1. Justin Buist Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence that this is happening right after Heller. The law went into effect at midnight on Tuesday and the rep. in question sponsored the legislation.

  2. Wesley Says:

    Just a coincidence that this aligns with Heller. The new Georgia legislation which removed the restriction on carrying to restaurants and public transportation went into effect today July 1st. The city of Atlanta doesn’t seem to accept the fact that it’s accountable to state law. Looks like they’ll learn (again).

  3. JJR Says:

    Interesting case. In Texas you can *already* carry in the non-secured areas of the airports UNLESS the “terror threat level” goes to RED, then the whole bleepin’ thing is considered a ‘secured area’ and your state issued CHL is no longer valid. Arbitrary as hell, but there it is.

    Of course, I’ve also almost forgotten to take my Swiss army knife off my keychain a couple of times, having to scurry back to my car and toss it in the front seat of my car in the long term lot before boarding the shuttle bus to the airport.

    I haven’t tried traveling yet with a firearm in checked baggage, though that is legal if you declare it. Hunters do it all the time. I wouldn’t want to travel anywhere my Texas CHL isn’t reciprocated, though…If I did, wouldn’t I then be in violation of the local law once I picked up my luggage? But if it was a disassembled long gun in my checked bag, no big deal in most states. It’s like handguns have voodoo powers that long guns lack, in the minds of some legislators/bureaucrats at least.

  4. UNHchabo Says:

    JJR – Disregarding places like NJ where they’ve never heard of “Safe Passage”, you should be ok with an unloaded pistol in your luggage, as “Carrying Concealed” usually refers only to loaded pistols.

  5. teqjack Says:

    He has delayed openly taking his gun, as there was a suit filed yesterday so – for now – he does not need to start a new one.
    – – –
    MARTA (the buses…) meanwhile said it would not ban guns, but anyone with one must also be carrying the license/permit. OK, sorta, wait and see.

  6. gsusnake Says:

    As has been stated before, this has very little to do with Heller. has had our activism on for quite some time now.

    As far as MARTA requiring you to have your permit on your person, someone ought to inform them that that’s required by state law anyway…