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Fake Gun Rights Group Endorses Gun Controller

So, from my referral logs last night, I learn that the anti-gun Democratic Leadership Council’s shill group diguised as a pro-gun group American Hunters And Shooters Association has endorsed Barack Machine Wash Warm Obama for President. Gasp! Swoon! Of course they did. That’s what they were created for.

Update: A reminder from Sebastian:

Let’s remember how Obama supports the shooting community again:

  • Advocating that handguns be banned
  • Advocating a comprehensive ban on all semi-automatic firearms
  • Sponsoring legislation that makes it harder to get a license to possess a firearm, which is required under Illinois law.
  • Voting against a measure as US Senator that prevents firearms manufacturers being sued out of existence because their products can be used by criminals.
  • Banning any ammunition that could be used in an “assault weapon” which would include many sporting cartridges.
  • Banning all firearms sale within five miles of a school or park, meaning there would be very few places in the United States where guns could be sold.

One Response to “Fake Gun Rights Group Endorses Gun Controller”

  1. workinwifdakids Says:

    How DARE you examine his actions? He is a change agent, damn it! His WORDS give people hope, not his actions!

    Oh, and you’re racist.