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I have a better idea

Instead of pulling over people to reward their good behavior, pull over people that are actually, you know, breaking the law. Pure idiocy.

3 Responses to “I have a better idea”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    “Police are stopping law-abiding motorists and rewarding their good driving with $5 Starbucks gift cards.”

    Starbuck’s? Yuk! Hell, I’drather get a ticket.

  2. Phelps Says:

    And I’m sure they are going to check your DL and insurance once they have you stopped, even though they have no legal cause to do so.

    For that matter, isn’t this an abuse of their LEO privileges? Is it resisting arrest if you don’t pull over, since they had no cause to pull you over to start with?

  3. Robert Says:

    American Policing long ago burned its reputation by it’s grievous behavior. Starbucks cards aren’t going to reverse that.

    Following the oath they swore would be a start, and policing their own ranks right up there as second.