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Gun Clubs

Sometimes, they have stupid rules. I let my membership expire at the Volunteer Rifle and Pistol Club after Junior was born and haven’t been back since they said you could only shoot from the bench. That included handguns. Well, that and the fact that the members and range masters were jackasses who made me feel unwelcome.

5 Responses to “Gun Clubs”

  1. tgirsch Says:

    Sadly, I’ve found that jackass range masters are more the rule than the exception. One of the ones here is an ex-cop with an authoritarian streak a mile wide.

  2. HardCorps Says:

    yup I totally agree with you. We have a practical rifle shoot open to everyone which you need to pay for also every month. As a member of this club, I can’t even go to the pistol pits without being ‘ipsc’ certified – and to get that there is a waiting list months long!!

  3. Brian Says:

    We have a number of gun clubs in the region that constantly gripe that they can’t get younger members, all while setting up membership requirements that only someone retired, or absolutely nothing else in their life, could meet.

    “Yes, I know we’re an hour or more drive from anything resembling civilization, but you have to attend at least 12 club meetings a year, and the meetings start at 5pm. You also have to volunteer at least 20 hours of your time, on top of paying us twice as much to shoot here as you would pay for the indoor ranges right next door to all of you. Please don’t let the fact that you won’t be able to shoot here after work for nearly half of the year, since we’re outdoors with no lights, be a deterrent either.”

  4. Mike M. Says:

    Shooting PISTOL off a bench? These twits shouldn’t even be presuming to make rules…because it is crystal clear they know nothing whatsoever about shooting pistol.

  5. Cactus Jack Says:

    I dont go to any shooting range because of experiences similar to the comments already posted. Instead I go to a place I know thats 15 miles north of town out in the boondocks on public land (lots of that here in Wyoming) where I can shoot at ranges out to 350 yards. I always check the area to make sure that there’s no one wandering around before I set up my targets. No fees, no jackasses, just lots of fun!