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Handy stuff to know

Because Windows XP and any random printer are retarded when working together, here’s a handy tip for when you print job gets hung and you can’t purge it:

Go to Control Panel
Choose Admistrative tools
Choose Services
scroll to Print spooler and double click

This will close spooler compleatly.
Ok back out and then go back to same page and click start
Spooler comes back to life empty!!

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One Response to “Handy stuff to know”

  1. _Jon Says:

    Easier way to get to Services:

    Click Start
    Click Run
    Click OK

    While you are there, scroll down to ‘Server’.
    Double Click
    Click Stop
    Click Disable
    Click OK

    — If you are not sharing your drives, folders, or printers with other computers in your house (and you are probably not), then you don’t want the Server Service running.

    Since Service Pack 2 was released, this is the only service I bother with. (e.g. I used to turn off many services that are now off.)


    I spent a weekend reloading a dozen medical PC’s because a “Factory Trained Technician” ignore my notes regarding reinstalling the core application. The customer is sending my bill to their tech support department. heh

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