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dude, free training

I was unaware but if you’re an established blogger and exchange links with Front Sight, they’ll give you a free $2,000 class on Defensive Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, Practical Rifle, Select-Fire M16, or a Uzi Submachine Gun. And it’s in Vegas.

See here. Gratuitous linking to follow because I might go to Vegas someday:

11 Responses to “dude, free training”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    I’m trying to figure out when and how I can go. I can’t just take a vacation and leave my family, and well Vegas isn’t exactly the best place to take the kids (2 & 5).

    800 rounds required though. I like that thought.

  2. Fun Bob Says:

    I got that email from Piazza awhile back. I wasn’t sure if a blog post that scrolls off is enough to do it. The email said you have to pledge to keep the links on the front page of your blog for 3 years.

    Front Sight has self defense and achievement classes for children. The self defense class is for 5-10 year olds so maybe in 3 years you can make it. There is no age range listed for the achievement class.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    Can the link include mention of Diana Mertz Hsieh?

    Just askin’.

  4. Justin Buist Says:

    I got a feeling that search engines are going to drop them from their indexes for this.

  5. Ninth Stage Says:

    It sure looks like an effort to push negative search engine results for “Front Sight” and “Ignatius Piazza” off the first few pages.

  6. Front Sight asks for links at Traction Control Says:

    […] Click ‘em all.  Blogs are asked to provide links and a chance for an invitation to attend their facility in Las Vegas.  h/t SayUncle. […]

  7. Standard Mischief Says:

    Scientology people are a flashing red light to me.

  8. Standard Mischief Says:

    holy noodly appendage, that’s some serious google-bombing there.

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 18-Jun-04
    Expires on: 18-Jun-08
    Last Updated on: 02-Apr-07

    Administrative Contact:
    Piazza, Ignatius
    Front Sight
    PO Box 2619
    Aptos, California 95001
    United States
    8009877719 Fax --

    This looks to go just a wee bit beyond shameless self-promotion. I wonder what’s going on here.

  9. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Has anyone heard from Dr. Piazza? I haven’t yet…

  10. SayUncle Says:

    I did. He sent an email stating to fill out some form and my certificate would be on its way.

  11. ishida Says:

    I did this on my personal website, and all I had to send was a link and mailing address. I got the certificate a week later. I only wish I could go to Vegas. Oh, adn the certificate is transferable, just dont advertise via public media that it is.