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Another paper publishes a list of handgun carry permit holders

This time, in Ohio.

Update: Meanwhile, some journalists ponder the ethics of such a decision:

I’m trying to think of a scenario where I would approve such a list being published. I’ll get back to you if one comes to mind.


I could only see doing it if there were a controversy over who was receiving gun permits. For instance, only political favorites. Similarly, we might run a list of people receiving bowhunting licenses, or dock permits or chiropractic licenses or whatever. But I don’t see a reason for running the list gratuitiously without a news peg.

2 Responses to “Another paper publishes a list of handgun carry permit holders”

  1. chris Says:

    “journalists ponder the ehtics” ?????

    That’s a first.

    Doesn’t someone need to start publishing the home addresses of the editors and reporters of the Sandusky newspaper.

    It’s rather ironic that, I believe, Sandusky is reasonably near Camp Perry, where the national rifle and pistol championships are held each year.

  2. Diamondback Says:

    There will be the old publish and pull followed by the “Oh we’re sorry” routine that so many others have gotten away with. Kinda like when a guy beats his wife and apologizes for it afterwards… Yeah, that’ll make it better.

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