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WECSOG: I was just cleaning it, it went off in my hand.

Via subguns (no direct link as theirs seem to have a short shelf life), comes a handy way to get get the lead out. Or rather, get the lead out of your sound suppressor.

Step 1: Fill with Kroil.

Step 2: Rubberband a vibrator to it

Step 3: Turn on vibrator and run until battery dies.

Alrighty, then.

So, when you go to the adult novelty store to buy three-dimensional devices designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs, you have an excuse: Honestly, it’s to clean my guns.

5 Responses to “WECSOG: I was just cleaning it, it went off in my hand.

  1. drstrangegun Says:

    1. fill with kroil
    2. cork both ends and put in a ziplock baggie
    3. strap it to the intake manifold on your car engine for the day.

  2. The Bitch Girls :: Minds in the Gutter? Says:

    […] post a scary image of Ron Jeremy and Uncle talks about vibrators. […]

  3. Jack Says:

    The problem is the carbon, not the lead. Gemtech says to just rinse the loose stuff out of the muzzle cans. The integral pistol suppressors using the brass eyelets (Ciener) need to be taken apart and rebuilt periodically. this a real chore the first time since the carbon locks everything together. But, good comments. Jack.

  4. Ninth Stage Says:

    And a bonus! Kroil is a Tennessee product of Kano labs in Nashville.

  5. Darrell Says:

    Kroil rocks!

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