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All this talk of Treason

Alrighty, gun nuts, let’s have a talk. Whenever you throw around words lie traitor and treason and such, people will largely look at you like you’re, well, nuts. It’s true. No matter how righteous you are or how right you may be. In short, you’re not converting anyone with the gun nut rhetoric. You’re only preaching to the converted. On the Brady Blog allowing comments, Tom said in comments here:

To a great many in the middle, gun nuts come across as, well, nuts. Allowing them to speak for themselves more often than not only feeds that stereotype far more effectively than the Bradies could do on their own.

It’s not that I necessarily disagree. It’s that it’s not the way to win. Sebastian says:

Folks,were really not going to accomplish anything by antagonizing the federal judiciary. In fact, its going to seriously hurt us. These are the same federal judges well be relying on to, someday, rule in our favor and throw out a gun law because of the second amendment.

There’s also the fact that shooting and an increase in buying guns for protection only recently took a major upswing. So, let’s not scare away the newbies with our talk of treason, treachery and other things that go bump in the night.

But Uncle, you say, isn’t that maybe a little hypocritical of you? Ayup. But, I’ve been giving it some thought. And, since gun rights are at a crossroads, it’s probably best that I tone it down. Sure, I’ll tell the occasional person to fuck right off but that’s about it.

Update: Whoops, I left off the main point, which is this:

Remember your audience. If I let loose with the crazy gun talk here, that’s different than if I do it at, say, a newspaper’s website.

3 Responses to “All this talk of Treason”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    Perhaps you should read all the comments on Sebastian’s website. Just, you know, to get a perspective.

    All the deference and respect shown the judiciary over the decades while they continually twist and torture the law to deny us what is undeniably ours, doesn’t really seem to be working, does it? I don’t know for certain what will work, but I know for certain what hasn’t worked in the last 72 years. So yeah, let’s keep doing more of that! You’re kidding, right?

  2. _Jon Says:



  3. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    I largely agree, and find myself saying this a lot on gunny boards. Two points:

    a) when you engage in hyperbole, you necessarily sound hyperbolic, and that’s something better left to the Brady Bunch. The facts are on our side, so when we go around yammering about “tree hugging one worlder liberal socialist hippie pot smoking gun grabbers”, we’re not only hurting our own cause, but we’re underestimating our enemy.

    Our real enemy is Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, etc. Guys who don’t smoke much pot and haven’t hugged a tree in a VERY long time

    b) Not every gun lover and freedom lover is a conservative Republican. Many of us resemble many of the hyperbolic remarks the more fringe-language using types among us are spouting about. Yes, I do hug trees, but I try to lay off the pot.