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Brady Bunch (in what is a surprise to no one) Blames Guns

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership:

Violent crime is up in America for a number of reasons, but one very likely cause is that it has become easier for criminals to arm themselves, and with ever more deadly weapons.

It was never hard for criminals to arm themselves. They don’t obey the law, remember?

For almost six years, many have systematically made it easier for criminals to have access to firearms by weakening enforcement of laws that cut illegal gun trafficking, supporting policies that encourage more firearms on the streets of American cities, putting AK-47s and other military-style semiautomatic weapons back onto our streets and even placing huge restraints on the ability of governments and individuals to hold the gun pushers accountable through the civil court system.

The military uses automatic weapons. Again, the Brady Bunch is trying to obfuscate machine guns and weapons that look like assault weapons. Meanwhile, Brady has issued grades for states. These grades are gun control rankings from A to F, with an A indicating more gun control and more in line with Brady’s goals. Strangely, most of the increase in violent crime occurred in states that earned higher Brady rankings. That’s unpossible!

Update: David Hardy says funny how crime rates declined for years, as Americans bought more guns.

5 Responses to “Brady Bunch (in what is a surprise to no one) Blames Guns”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    even placing huge restraints on the ability of governments and individuals to hold the gun pushers accountable through the civil court system.

    Shouldn’t gun crime be punished in criminal court?

    Of course, it’s the civil courts where gun shops and gun makers are put out of business, isn’t it?

  2. Ron W Says:

    If gun-makers should be punished for gun crimes, should breweries and distilleries be punished for DUI’s, alcohol-related vehicular injuries and homicides and other drunken crimes?

  3. straightarrow Says:

    Ron w. I don’t know if it still is true, but Michigan use to bring charges against the establishment that served liquor to anyone involved in traffic accidents. Most usually some bartender, rather than bar owner was the target.

    So, yeah the nannies have already tried that.

    The only places in the U.S. where violent crime is on the rise are those places where gun possession is most restricted and BRADY gives them good grades. And the cops are big contributors to the violent crime.

  4. rwbazillion Says:

    I have lived in Washington DC and in Chicago Illinois. Both have high crime rates.

    The Brady group would give DC an A but the only reason they don’t is because the DC gun laws can be repealed at any time by the government. Currently they have a C rating. It’s a bunch of BS because they everybody knows that Washington DC has one of the highest crime rates in the country and giving DC an A would very much expose the Brady BS.

    In DC, there are kids who drive around and shot at people then drive off, especially at night. Most times on lonely streets. I have had weapons pointed at me from rooftops and balconies when walking. I almost got mugged when I was walking home from a midnight job near Howard University, my alma matter.

    Many law-abiding gun owners live across the river in Virginia which is more gun friendly, while the criminals live in DC with their prey. In Chicago the situation is similar, where pro-gunners live outside of Chicago limits. But as you have recently read in the news we had four kids killed within the city actually one block from my mother in laws house, and a person walked into a patent lawyers office and killed three people before he was killed.

    Illinois has an A- rating. The Brady group wants citizens disarmed so the police with Beretta 92fs pistols can have more firepower than the people. They think that disarming the citizens will disarm the criminals. Brady and many anti-gunners also try to separate hunters from other gun owners, using a divide and conquer scheme. Me I’m a target shooter and own an assault weapon. Does that make me dangerous? NO but in Brady’s mind I am more dangerous than the criminals that have tried to mug me and prey upon non-gun owners.

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