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Know your enemy

The Legal Community Against Gun Violence, who are apparently only against guns and not the violence, have a plan to deal with guns and not gun violence:

“Regulating Guns in America” demonstrates conclusively that gaps in federal policy contribute significantly to the country’s gun violence epidemic. With 100,000 Americans killed or injured by firearms each year, the report puts to rest any notion that federal regulation is adequate.

“In the absence of federal regulation, states and local governments can enact creative laws to address the problem of gun violence in their communities and regions,” noted Nina Vinik, LCAV’s Legal Director. “The gaps in federal policy are an opportunity,” Vinik added.

In addition to identifying the limits of federal law, “Regulating Guns in America” describes state and local laws in each policy area, highlighting innovative measures already in place at the state and local levels.

You can download the report here.

Update: Via Kevin, David Hardy says:

My first thought: one more Joyce Foundation clone, a supposed “grassroots” organization in fact created by Joyce’s millions, and with a membership at best in the dozens. But perhaps I’m too cynical.

Nope. Hop over to Joyce Foundation’s webpage and we find among its grants:

“Legal Community Against Violence
San Francisco, CA $380,000
For general support. (2 yrs.)”

One Response to “Know your enemy”

  1. Nimrod45 Says:

    Your link only points to the “Executive Summary”; here is the link for the whole document:

    and a link for the LCAV, formerly the Firearms Law Center:

    Read through some of the stuff in their library – it’s very scary…