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KT Ordnance update

Their website is back and notes KT Ordnance raided by ATF – Not taking any orders. Also, there was a press mention regarding the raid:

Federal agents seized inventory and paperwork in a raid of a gun parts manufacturing company here last week, the company’s owner said.

Federal officials wouldn’t comment on the June 7 raid at KT Ordnance, which sells nearly finished gun parts over the Internet.

“We haven’t been charged with any crimes and obviously what they found here didn’t violate any laws, because I would have been arrested on the spot,” said KT Ordnance owner Richard Celata, 45. “They confiscated all my inventory, paperwork and made copies of my hard drive.”

So, no charges yet they’ve taken inventory and everything else? That’s not good. More:

The so-called 80 percent market of gun products is a legal undertaking that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is well aware of, Rhoades said. And Celata is well known because he’s one of the leading manufacturers of those products, but there are several other people selling similar gun parts.

“They’ve been wanting to shut down the 80 percent built market for a while, but they’d have to change the Constitution to do that,” Celata said. “Or they can just raid you and scare everybody away.”

Yeah, the crackdown on DIYers is just beginning.

5 Responses to “KT Ordnance update”

  1. M1Thumb Says:

    Pretty soon we’ll be hearing about this from the Brady Bunch and the other antis. “DIYers take advantage of loopholes and supply a steady stream of assault weapons and machine guns to…THE STREET.”

  2. Scoot Says:

    THe prosicutor in my case said that “they had now idea how many untraceable firearms are out on the street because of me”.

    Sounds like a common thread.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Did your attorney say ‘zero’?

  4. Fûz Says:

    Time for more folks to DIY, then.

    I’ve got the wirefeed now, and the receiver jig; hello, Kalashnikov.

  5. SayUncle » KT Ordnance update Says:

    […] You may recall that KT Ordnance was raided for, err, well, no one really knows as it’s secret (See past coverage here and here). The latest at FMN: A Montana gun-kit dealer’s home was raided by FBI, BATF, and Canadian law enforcement agents, after he gave “subversive” literature to his local Sheriff, according to a story posted on an online news site. […]