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No habla TiVo

All of a sudden, TiVo thinks the Uncle family speaks Spanish. Seriously, its suggestions lately are from Spanish TeeVee.

9 Responses to “No habla TiVo”

  1. Xrlq Says:

    It could be worse. Your TiVo could think you’re gay.

  2. R. Neal Says:

    Mine was doing that, too (the Spanish TV recommendations, not the gay ones, not that there’s anythign wrong with that, but wait, now that you mention it, there were a couple of gay shows recommended, maybe because we had it set to record Will & Grace?)

    Anyway, I finally turned it off because about 75%-80% of the recommendations were of no interest to me.

  3. SayUncle Says:


    yeah, recommendations usually suck but it has picked a few winners for me, like ‘Mind of Mencia’ and ‘Shootout.’

  4. tgirsch Says:

    I turned off recommendations long ago, in large part because while it usually guessed wrong, it guessed right far too often; even without its suggestions, I already wind up with more crap than I have time to watch. I don’t need its help to potatofy my further.

    The suggestions are especially bad if you’re a sports fan. Because I watched a lot of hockey, it assumed I wanted to see pretty much every damn hockey game that was being televised on any channel. Rather than just the three or four teams I actually cared about.

    (I mean, really, how hard would it be to figure out that he’s consistently giving thumbs-up when these teams are involved, and thumbs-down when they aren’t?)

  5. Jay G Says:

    I don’t watch TV, but I get junk mail sent to me in Spanish.

    Y’see, I have a hispanic first name (No, “Jay” is not my legal name, although it is what everyone calls me). And an Italian last name that’s close enough to hispanic that confusion reigns supreme.

    What REALLY frosts my ass is that I get junk mail, en Espagnol, from Citi Bank, who I already do business with

    I don’t care that they think I’m hispanic; I care that they’re frittering away time and money sending mailings to people that already have their credit cards…

  6. cutter Says:

    My younger son was watching satellite TV once when suddenly all the characters started speaking Spanish. Took forever to figure out he was sitting on the remote and had somehow hit the language button.

  7. tgirsch Says:

    Jose? Jorge? Juan?

    But at least you’re a conservative. I’ve somehow started getting leftist propaganda in Spanish from places like Cuba and South America. If that won’t put me on a DHS watch list…

  8. tgirsch Says:


    By the way, were you aware that your title translates to “They don’t speak TiVo?”

  9. Phelps Says:

    The easiest way to deal with that is to unmark them as Channels you Recieve. I did the same thing with the home shopping channels, the cable access channels, O2, and the Disney Channel.