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As predicted (continued)

In an update to Tennessee’s tax on illegal drugs scoring its first booty, I have additional correspondence from someone alleging to be Jerry [redacted]. He tells me that the police first entered the home looking for a runaway girl. They then entered the home the following day by kicking the door down. They had no warrant. Mr. [redacted], a single parent, has since lost his job and, as of yet, there have been no charges filed.

You can read his comment here. He states the police held a news conference and stated he confessed. He was not living in the house that was raided but was renting it to someone else. This doesn’t jive with the Herald-Citizen report:

An unoccupied house on DeBerry Road where the smell of marijuana was coming out of the vents led to a raid by law officers yesterday.

They found a marijuana crop growing inside the place.

The owner, Jerry [redacted], who lives nearby, allegedly admitted that he had set up the elaborate pot growing system inside the house, and he and possibly others will face criminal charges, Putnam Sheriff David Andrews said today.

“This is just another part of our effort to come down hard on illegal drugs in this county, and we intend to keep pursuing every case we can,” Sheriff Andrews said this morning.

It was Deputy Red Golden’s case, the sheriff said.

Deputy Golden had received information alleging that marijuana was growing inside the house, which is located at 1781 DeBerry Road in Bloomington Springs.

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