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As predicted (continued)

I blogged here about Tennessee’s tax on illegal drugs claiming its first booty. A man claiming to be Jerry [redacted](the person whose house was seized for non-payment of the tax that they won’t even let you pay) left some comments there:

The house is worth about $90,000 and I owe $71,000 on it. They taxed me with $139,000 and interest is $1,370 a month and growing. There was only 28 plants and I was renting the house to friends to grow. It wasnt even mine and they caused me to lose my job. They took 1/2 vacation pay comming to me and took lawnmowers, tiller, chaisaw, pressure washer, and anything else they could find.

He also notes that, as of now, there have been absolutely no charges filed against him. So, they took his land and property without due process of law. He claims that no charges have been filed because the search was bad. I don’t know what he means by that.

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  1. SayUncle : As predicted (continued) Says:

    […] e lost his job and, as of yet, there have been no charges filed. You can read his comment here. He states the police held a news conference and stated […]