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Gun Link Round Up

Medic Mom provides a good little round up of gun links. She forgot someone, though.

4 Responses to “Gun Link Round Up”

  1. FreedomSight Says:

    […] he Agitator, more crap from the FCC, and the War on Drugs going after pain medications.

    Say Uncle points to Medic Mom’s Firearms Resources. Cool.

    If you move into a […]

  2. medic mom Says:

    Who me? Forget? Nah!! 😉

  3. countertop Says:

    Heh. Your not the only one she left off.

    Looks like no one from Inside the beltway made it onto her blogroll

  4. TFS Magnum Says:

    Medic Mom’s Firearms Resources
    Medic Mom has pulled together a collection of pro-second amendment sites.