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Kill or die before you get to the second location

A truth commonly taught in self defense classes, particularly the rape/abduction prevention classes for women, is you don’t allow yourself to go to the second location. If someone abducts you and gets you in the trunk of a car or to a basement, it’s over for you. Not only is it over, it is usually particularly brutal and the abductor can take their time, have the advantage of no witnesses, and do whatever psychotic things they’re going to do. Make your stand at the abduction point.

The recent spate of executions of hostages in Iraq should be a testament to that. I am uncertain of the details of their abduction but I am fairly certain that their last few days were horrible. They were likely beaten, humiliated, tortured, belittled, and had their spirits broken. How else could you explain their demeanor in the tapes in which they beg leaders to give in to demands so their lives would be spared? I can say all that I want that I would never do such a thing but I have not experienced torture nor have I endured what those poor souls went through. And I never will.

At the abduction point, you have a choice to cooperate vs. flee or fight. Your odds at successfully fleeing or fighting are better at the abduction point and almost non-existent at the second location. You can scream, hit, shoot, or whatever at the first location. At the second, you will be restrained or otherwise incapacitated. You should fight and attempt to flee no matter what the cost before this point. You may die. And you may still be abducted but it is your best option. The alternative (certain death following brutality) is much more hideous. And by fight, fight for your life. Fight with all you have. Never stop. Never give in. Fight dirty. Fight mean. And make a lot of noise. Die on your feet if you have to. You cannot reason with them at the second location, they have too much invested in you.

These poor folks who were abducted and subsequently brutally murdered (likely after being tortured) would have stood a better chance at the first location. We wouldn’t be seeing videos of them begging for their lives or having their heads sawed off by a bunch rabid zealots.

When you go down, you go down fighting.

13 Responses to “Kill or die before you get to the second location”

  1. Stormy Dragon Says:

    It seems to me that in the Iraq case, even if you get killed resisting the abduction, getting shot has to be a much less excruciating way to go then getting your head sawed off….

  2. Rick DeMent Says:

    I, like you don’t know about the circumstances surrounding the abductions but I would like to know, are these people who are getting abducted armed? And if not, why?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Rick, i read in the past that one group of hostages from a while back (british, i think) had their arms taken by the US army. Then, they were abducted.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Opps, they were Italian.

  5. Resonance Says:

    Don’t Go There
    SayUncle offers would-be hostages advice on how to respond to their abductors….

  6. cowboy blob Says:

    Say Uncle has an excellent essay on the harsh realities of abduction, either criminal or terrorist. Once you’re in the car trunk, your choices have been narrowed to nil. “Lefty” or “Achmed” most certainly don’t have a copy of the Geneva Conventions handy.
    (Some day some one will tell me how to use track back)

  7. Rick DeMent Says:

    Well then here is a safety tip for you.

    When in a war zone, never surrender your sidearm; remember dame fashion says, “accessories make the outfit”.

  8. SayUncle Says:

    Bob, dunno if blogger does trackbacks. But thanks for the link.

  9. JohnX Says:

    I couldn’t agree more on this analysis. I hope it is quoted at a large number of blog sites.

  10. mike hollihan Says:

    Machiavelli also said, “Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised.” So true in Iraq today.

    I don’t know that the hostages are tortured. Look at their faces and visible arms. What has been clear in some is they are drugged.

    I’ve heard the story (apocryphal) that after the first Russians were taken hostage in Chechnya, the Russian government identified the hostage takers, kidnapped members of their families and then sent pieces of those family members back, as a warning. That stopped hostage-taking for a number of years.

  11. Eric Says:

    ..I said something similar… kidnapped withoug firing a shot?… bad, bad, bad… legend has it that we once keet a .45 round, and a match in the ball at the top of our flagpoles, the match was for the flag, and the round was for you…

  12. bjbarron Says:

    One of my students is going back to Iraq as a contractor (first time was as a Marine on the Thunder Run last year).

    He has been told by his company that he is not allowed to carry weapons in Iraq…So naturally we are exporing ways to keep him armed.

    Worse comes to worse, he’ll buy what he needs the minute he gets off the plane from a sidewalk vendor.

  13. Thomas Nephew Says:

    Re trackback: you can trackback -to- a blog with “wizbang standalone trackback pinger“, even if your blog host doesn’t support you being trackbacked -from- somewhere else.

    I think you’re right about fighting first.