For Jeff

Jeff has started a new blog about pets and asked for pictures. A while back, I told everyone how a laser pointer is entertaining for bull dogs and owners, even if you aim at the ceiling:


Yes, he’s on my couch.

5 Responses to “For Jeff”

  1. Beautiful shot. Great musculature in the neck, although he’s a pit, so what do you expect? A dog on a leather couch isn’t a problem.

    My cats love the pointer. They chase it all around, leap up the walls to get it. They haven’t figured out they can’t pounce it. I think they don’t really have a concept of intangibility.

  2. SayUncle says:

    He’s not a pit. He’s an American Bulldog, which is like a pit bull and a half. He’s a sweetie though.

  3. Heh. I rescued an American Bulldog once. Man that dog was huge. Still growing, he could put his paws on my shoulders. He loved to bite my ears when we played. One night, I as wrestling with him and my friend’s pit and for a few minutes, they just kept knocking me down every time I tried to get up. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t do anything about it. Big, strong dogs full of love. I was really sad when I found that dog a home, but he was better off in the suburbs with 3 kids and a huge lawn than in my Manhattan studio apartment.

  4. Love is in the air!
    In honor of Rachel Lucas, I think it’s time for some “doggie action” photos! I mentioned Puff’s girlfriend Emily in a recent post, and as luck would have it, today, while I had my camera, I suddenly saw Emily and…

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