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January 09, 2017

Absolute truth

The Oatmeal on mobile websites.

Twinkie as firearm silencer

Would the Twinkie require a tax stamp?

If they are right, why lie?

The Brady Campaign to Make Sweet, Sweet Non-Profit Money said over 200 people were shot the first day of the year. Only, they lied about it.

News you can use

How Not To Get Killed at the Airport.

I’ve mentioned before that I carry some things that can by used as weapons when flying. I like the padlock idea as TSA restrictions no longer allow me to carry certain sizes of hygiene products. Some good suggestions there. I also recommend a few zip ties in case, well, you know, you crack someone upside the head and they needs restrained after.

I have no problem with this

Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. and silencer makers want to change that.

And, of course, the other side has to lie and call 22LR “high powered”

Feds taking gun case to supreme court?

Looks like the feds weren’t happy with the Binderup decision. This is the case challenging making those convicted of a crime punishable by a year or more in jail being barred from gun ownership. Lots of stuff at the link.

The Hudson H9

Hudson Manufacturing has released a new gun with a new design. The concept being to take all the good stuff people like about 1911s (trigger and grip angle) and the good stuff people like about Glocks (everything else) and mashing them together to make one good one. With a low bore access (at first I thought that was a laser or some such):

Price seems a little high for the target market. I’d like to get my hands on one to play with.

The party of smaller government

The new Republican senate is looking to increase the debt by 9 trillion.

This is how you government

Man ticketed for warming up his own car on his own property.

California DOJ Inadvertently Discloses Personal Information of Firearm Safety Instructors


Last week, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Privacy Office began mailing letters like this one to certified Firearm Safety Instructors. The letter states that on October 14, 2016, DOJ inadvertently disclosed the name, date of birth, and California Drivers License and/or Identification Card numbers of potentially every single DOJ certified Firearm Safety Instructor in California to an unknown requestor. DOJ allegedly discovered the breach on October 27well over two months agobut is just now notifying individuals.

Gun Porn


I never knew there was a pistol version of the AR-7.

January 07, 2017

Mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

I don’t comment on these types of things at the onset because everything you hear in the first few hours is almost always wrong.

In what could be a mass shooting designed to prove how dumb gun control laws are, one known wolf, as far as I can tell, did the following:

    Boarded a flight with a gun checked in his baggage. Though initial reports said he had the gun on the plane. I doubted that, otherwise it’d have been more deadly to start popping off on the plane.
    Once he landed, he went to the bathroom and loaded up his gun.
    Then proceeded to shoot people in the head.
    And he went there specifically to carry out the act.

Like most mass shootings, it occurred in a gun free zone. Most airports allow carry in the non-secure area but Florida doesn’t.

The gun used appears to be a Walther PPS. The PPS holds between six and eight rounds. The gun is legal in NY, MA, and other states with arbitrary gun laws because it holds less than some number of runds. It is, however, not legal in California because of legal mumbo jumbo. The guy had to reload at least two times, but probably three.

And he was known to the authorities:

In November 2016, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming that he was being forced to fight for ISIS and was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

FBI spokesman George Piro confirmed he was evaluated by the FBI while living in Alaska.

He did go to our office in Anchorage, but he did not want to commit harm, the agent said. He voluntarily entered our office and was interviewed by agents of the office. He was turned over to local custody and then taken to a local hospital.

So far Santiago-Ruiz has no known connection to terrorism, with the exception of this photo showing him wearing an Arabic keffiyeh and pointing a finger in the air a symbol ISIL militants for their cause.

So, you can commit a mass shooting with guns oppressive states decide are good guns. And our national security apparatus didn’t keep tabs on a guy known to be a bit off his rocker.

But one more gun law or government program will stop this sort of thing, right?

January 05, 2017

There ought to be a law

Sheriffs will not enforce NV expanded background checks.

Hopefully not a disappointing direction

But it is the Republicans. Where is Gun Politics Going?

What he meant to say was

James Yeager then: All guns should be Glocks.

James Yeager now: All guns should be polymer-framed and striker-fired and we can just call them Glocks.

But they have all that gun control

Tijuana homicides hit a record.

Gun salesman of the century

2016 smashed previous gun sales records. That’s just using NICS numbers. Transfers not involving NICS reportedly are one in five gun sales.

But they keep telling me gun ownership is on the decline.

DDI Update

Mentioned before there were rumors they’d shut down. Looks like they were bought by Palmetto State Armory. Here’s a press release.

What do China and New Jersey have in common?

No, not that their commies. Airguns are restricted in both places.

Gun Porn

DO WANT: A .500 Magnum Lever-Action

KGMADE EOS-22 Integrally Suppressed 10/22 Barrel. That is sexy.

January 03, 2017


How wet sound suppressors work.

I use and recommend Silencer Juice. It eliminates first round pop and the subsequent rounds are noticeably quieter. Since I had my can upgraded and can take it apart, I’m curious to see how dirty the internals get after I get a few thousand rounds through it. I’m guessing the Outback 2 had about 6,000 rounds through it before I upgraded.

Of course, he did

NY Governor Cuomo vetoed a change to NY’s archaic knife laws. At issue was that cops viewed common tools as illegal knives.

Full circle

I used to joke that the pro gun side had facts and logic. The other side had dick jokes. Well, now they’re arming themselves with dicks.

The NYT visits America

Their shock at people wanting trucks is indicative of why their candidate lost.

Careful hitching to that wagon

So, the NRA and The Metrocon Fortnightly are putting a lot of faith into the Trumpster when it comes to guns. I hope they’re right. He did campaign as the most openly pro-gun presidential candidate on the general ballot in recent history.

The NRA is calling for national concealed carry reciprocity and an end to gun free zones.

At The Metrocon Fortnightly, they are calling for reforms on sound suppressors. Yes, that’s correct. National Review has a piece on the benefits of suppressors:

In late September, Trump Jr. gave an interview to an American silencer company called SilencerCo, in which he like my friend pointed out that when he shoots in Europe, the guns he uses are almost invariably silenced. Its about safety, he said. If you had noise levels in any other industry as you [have] in shooting sports, OSHA would be all over the place; people would be going crazy. Silencer regulations, he argued, are arbitrary policies enacted by people who dont know what theyre talking about.

Yup. If we regulated cars like we do guns, everyone would have to drive around with hearing protection.

Gun Porn

A Chewbacca AR-15

The Colt Cobra

The S&W M&P 2.0

January 02, 2017

Amazon and gun rights

I mentioned a bit back that you can use Amazon Smile and a portion of your purchases will go to the charity of your choice. I selected The Second Amendment Foundation. Well, reader Ryan emails this summary of support going to the SAF:

Very cool.

Guns and social security

The Obama administration is looking to report those who are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease” to the National Instant Check System, which would deny them the ability to buy guns.

Who thought that was a good idea?

Gun shaped phone case leads to police stand off.

New gun laws in Tennessee

From the NRA-ILA, the price of a lifetime carry permit was reduced to $200. And military personnel can get a carry permit at the age of 18.

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