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May 14, 2018

Countries with more enlightened gun laws

So much for the Australian model for gun control: Worst mass shooting since 1996.

Mass stabbing in Paris.

Chicks and guns

More women are turning to concealed carry. Good.

Pepper ball launcher

Sort of want.

The dumbest thing you’ll see today

What caliber for dog? Dogs are great noise makers and can ward off people who are scared of dogs. But they are not a complete home security system.

Culture war

There’s a proposal in NY to ban archery in schools because it promotes gun culture. We can’t have a culture of self-reliant people who tend to mind their own business because then we’d have no one to nanny. They want you and your culture destroyed.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

First they take the guns, then they take your speech: Police threaten to ban and arrest people mocking tiny cannabis bust in Yorkshire

Gun Porn

Easy for you to say: Madsen M1888 Forsgsrekylgevr

May 10, 2018

More guns and gun owners, less crime

Crime in Dallas during the NRA annual meeting.

Well, yeah

FBI Active Shooter Report Supports Good Guy with a Gun Claims. Eight shooters were stopped by citizens with guns.

I’m OK with that

Unions Could Lose 726,000 Members if Mark Janus Wins His Supreme Court Case. Good. These dinosaurs need to go. If I can force you to pay dues, what else can I force you to do?


Tar and feathers: Student questioned over 2nd Amendment flag with picture of gun

NRA election participation

The turnout was very low. We should do better than that.

CMP 1911 Pricing

They’ve released the prices. They seem a bit spendy but they are more of a collector’s piece.

Gun Porn

Muzzle Stand Off Device. See solution in search of . . .

May 09, 2018

Bleg: Combat Shotgat

Finally pulled the trigger on the Beretta 1301 Comp 24. Of course, I did as soon as they released an upgraded version. No worries.

The extent of my use of a shotgun is the old Winchester 1300 I use for the occasional dove hunting with dad. So, tell me about combat shotguns: Worthwhile accessories, techniques, dos and don’ts, best ammo if I decide to try 3 gun, choke settings, all of that. Thanks.


A kid knows how to operate a firearm and the press gets a case of the vapors.

Guns for me but not you

Heh: Michael Moore’s bodyguard busted for unlicensed carry in a New York airport

Life in the future

Sometimes, the future isn’t so stupid: 20-Year-Old Whiskey in 6 Days

Dick’s stepped on theirs

Several gun manufacturers have terminated their sales to Dick’s over their recent stance on gun control. The latest is Mossberg.

There’s little market for it

Military Times: Mattis infantry reformer blasts weapons makers to quit stalling and make a better, more lethal rifle.

Because of the silliness that is current gun laws, why would a manufacturer invest in building a select fire rifle when there’s no market for it? And on the pretense that said gun maker may, but most likely will not, get a cushy contract. Odds are you’re not going to get a new rifle because there’s no one to sell them to.

In his defense

It was coming right for him.

Gun Porn

A Polymer Flechette-Firing Bullpup

May 08, 2018

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Apparently, it’s so they can slap brown-skinned women and make them call them “Master”.

Anti-gun NY Attorney General has resigned after allegations of sexual abuse by four women.

This guy also referred to gun rights folks as losers. I dunno. I’m guessing a loser would slap his girlfriend across the face, then hold her down and assault her.

Guns for me but not you

Alyssa Milano, trying to become relevant again, has made gun control her hobby horse these days. But while she’s out there fighting the power and speaking truth to power, she has some bodyguards. On twitter, she said her personal bodyguard was not armed. This means one of two things: You have a shitty bodyguard. Or you are lying. Turns out, it’s the latter.


But they have all the gun control: Nearly 40 shot over three days in Chicago

Come and take them

Some California Democrat wants to take your guns. And, if you resist, go after you. He’s looking to literally start a shooting war.


ABC News did something pretty pathetic. It goes like this:

  • NRA has a meeting.
  • TulAmmo USA is there. They make ammo in Russia.
  • Therefore, NRA has ties to Russians.
  • I remember when the only problem we had with Russians was when Palin could see them from her house*.

    * Just jokes. I know it was a SNL skit.

    NRA annual meeting stuff

    I was unable to go this year. But some stuff I’ve read about is interesting. Most important being record attendance. And how many people showed up to the anti-gun show?

    Trump gave a speech. And the folks at Reason point out: It’s just a speech.

    While I was out

    Oliver North became NRA’s president.

    But of course

    You know, if I ran the global warming business, I’d point out that the stuff we suggested is working since the earth is not actually warming. But that’s not what they do. And this also doesn’t surprise me: Climate skeptics more eco-friendly than global-warming alarmists: study