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October 20, 2014

Hickenlooper: We screwed up

Well, of course, he’d say that now. It’s an election year.

In Japan

Man who made guns with 3D printer is going to jail

Farragut parks gun ban

If you’re in the area, you should pay attention to this.

Gun Porn

Ruger Vaquero 5.5 inch .357 Magnum

Inland M1 carbine, which is now back in production.

Keserű Revenge-14M. Odd but it looks bad ass.

Pew pew

October 18, 2014

What do you call a group of Smiths?

A Morrissey, of course:


I can stop whenever I want.

October 17, 2014

My wookiee suit is strong but . . .

How do libertarians deal with quarantine? Personally, I accept that I am a rational actor and I’d go all quarantine because I should and am responsible for my actions. But some folks, like patient zero, who is not a libertarian, say I’m looking out for numero uno. Libertarians might just tell you to fuck off but that’s not kosher in the whole “I am responsible for me” thing. What say you?

I’ll just leave this here

I figure we’re about 3 more cases of Ebola from a spike in ammo prices. Buy now. I did.

October 16, 2014


Accepting applications for concealed carry for the first time in decades. Still not good enough and will likely lose a court challenge.

Go to the NC state fair, get a bodyguard

So, that means I can drink, right?:

Free armed, uniformed police escorts to be provided at the @NCStateFair

Ban on guns violates second amendment? Who knew?

Idaho Woman Wins: U.S. Army Corps Gun Ban Unconstitutional:

An Idaho woman who is barred from carrying a functional firearm for self-defense when she visits federal recreational facilities prevailed today with the ruling of an Idaho federal district court that the federal government ban on firearms violates the Second Amendment. Elizabeth E. Morris of Nez Perce County is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, regularly carries a concealed weapon, and often seeks to recreate on lands managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Because Corps of Engineers regulations ban functional firearms, even while camped in tents, Ms. Morris is subject to criminal prosecution if she attempts to exercise her Second Amendment rights. Alan C. Baker, a firearms instructor and a resident of Idaho’s Latah County, is a co-plaintiff in the suit, which was filed in August 2013 in Idaho federal district court. The Corps of Engineers did not respond to requests from attorneys for Ms. Morris and Mr. Baker, Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF), seeking an exemption from its firearm ban, a ban that has not changed since the landmark Heller ruling.

New York Reload

Now, in a holster

Because it costs money?

Earl walked right through that restraining order:

These Abusers Aren’t Allowed To Own Guns. So Why Aren’t States Removing Them?

UN Arms Treaty

A democrat failure signs on to it

It’s Mother Jones, so no

Mother Jones Claims the Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011. Is That True?

Gun Porn

“new” from Marlin

Rapid Fire

So, truck gun?

October 15, 2014

Maybe soon, ISIS will be WASWAS

I used that line on the local talk radio today.

News you can use: Ebola edition

I’m still not panicking but, since one of the latest to come down with the disease, was apparently on a plane the day before going to the hospital, my “meh, it’s not a problem” has turned to a raised eyebrow. I mean, who knows where all those people’s final destination was. And I really got a bit more concerned when Dear Reader cancelled a fundraiser over Ebola. If he cancels golf, I’ll panic.

But here’s some protective gear you may want to have just in case.

Also, how to avoid getting Ebola.

Join the Army

The Swedish Army parodies American recruitment commercials:

Another Illegal Mayor

Mount Vernon Mayor, and Mayor Against Guns, on the hook for failing to file tax returns. In the news report, his party affiliation is almost buried.

Oh, those weapons of mass destruction

I didn’t think Iraq had any. But that doesn’t matter because it’s Bush’s fault. Or something.

The DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

a first look

But they have SWAT teams for unlicensed pharmacists

Phelps on the math:

one man is taxing the entire policing capacity of the state of Pennsylvania, and he’s not even that good at it. He’s a freaking airsoft goon. What are you going to do when someone with asymmetrical warfare experience from our own special forces decides to do this?

Shot Glass Shooting Glasses

So you can shoot around corners.

The new normal

Gun sales, excluding the 2013 banner year, continue an upward trend.

Logic fail

Well, of course, she’s a feminist.

A feminist speaker cancelled her speaking appearance at a university because the university allows permit holders to carry guns there. Because, you know, the guy going to shoot you is likely law-abiding.

Laser engraved gun prints

A nice gallery of the stuff from the video I linked before.

Gun Porn

Fire-breathing monster

Needham Musket Conversion

October 14, 2014

Cool Video

Stop motion of a laser engraving panel making an AUG:

Knife laws in NYC

They’re pretty stupid. And Stephen Colbert broke those laws on national TV. I’m sure the NYPD will get right on arresting him.

6 Reasons Why Modern Defensive Ammo is Better Than Ever

A listicle

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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