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July 23, 2015

Rather frightening

Remotely hacking a car while it’s being driven

HBO wants athlete to remove ammo logo


Now, as he prepares for his biggest fight to-date, and first in Las Vegas, his sponsors have told NSSF that HBO is demanding Kovalev remove the logo of Tulammo USA, a Round Rock, Texas-based ammo manufacturing company, from his boxing trunks. Kovalev has not made a public response, but his relationship with the company is a close one. The fighter appeared at Tulammos SHOT Show booth this past January.

Gun Porn

Some times a shorty is better

Custom M&P Pro. I like both my Pro series handguns.

July 22, 2015

Everything is tactical

Via the duck, comes Tactical Sand: guaranteed to blind and disorient your attacker giving you time to do a tactical barrel roll and resume ass kicking operator operations

Brady Drops the suit

They dropped the appeal in their frivolous lawsuit that exploited a tragedy. I guess they didn’t want to donate anymore money to gun rights groups.

With a flamethrower

Rand Paul: How would you kill the tax code?

The real story is the press correctly identifies an arsenal

Los Angeles man found dead. 1200 firearms in his home.

Guess they didn’t read the sign either

During the Chattanooga shooting, a Navy officer and a Marine engaged the terrorist with their sidearms.

Gun Porn

SlideFire Bump-SAW Concept

July 21, 2015

Trump on the stump

First of all, I think trump is a loud-mouthed, braggadocio whose political leanings in the past pretty much make him not a conservative and not a friend to liberty. And I would not vote for him.

However, his opponents wanted a battle. And Trump is taking them a war. He attacks, candidly, his political opponents brazenly. That Lindsey Graham stuff was brilliant and hysterical. He calls the media for its bullshit. And I hadn’t seen that done since Newt ran in the primary. And we see how that worked out for Newt.

Tactical Facepalm

While I appreciate the sentiment of citizens standing guard at recruiting centers, don’t be this guy. Let’s see, VFG on a pistol is considered an AOW, depending on which circuit court you fall under. And his gun has no sights.

Speaking of guarding recruiting centers, I mentioned that some folks were doing that in The City (My The City) and the local press had no clue. Well, the press from the next town over somehow caught wind of it.

Customer service?

You think you’re a customer of the IRS? I had to call them one day to resolve an issue. They said there were other issues with my account. I informed the lady on the phone that I could assure her I never once opened an account with you.

Guns at the post office

A court overturns a ruling that the PO cannot ban guns in the parking lots but can ban them in the actual PO itself. The court said that the PO can ban guns in both places.

I’m betting otherwise

No evidence of a cover up? Then why did Lerner quit?

Gun Porn

Luger all the things!

July 20, 2015

What would you do?

I’d mind my own fucking business. This world needs more of that.

There’s this horrible and despicable show show called What Would You Do? And it’s hosted by a despicable, repugnant asshat named John Quiones. In this show, they go about using actors to put regular people in various unusual situations and video their reactions. And it’s put on TV as grubby, sensationalist bullshit for the masses. Needless to say, in the unlikely event I make an appearance on an episode, it will end with me punching John Quiones right square in the nuts.

That said, this episode of some busy body, meddling soccer mom confronting a dad buying his son a gun had pro-gun reactions. Good.

Keeping track of multi calibers

From Oleg. Personally, I deal with the headache by just using the same 3 calibers.

Massad Ayoobs 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry

Right here.

NY Times: Obama can ban guns by using the .gov’s buying power

The Paper of Making Up The Record shows what’s wrong with cronyism. And they like it.

Well, that escalated quickly

Apparently, in this post, some of you took a throw away comment I made, but didn’t expand upon, wrong. I have no problem with religious people or fundamentalists. I share Oleg’s sentiment that they are the least judgmental of sorts. Of course, saying they’re less judgmental than liberals isn’t saying much. Liberals are more judgmental than any group. Anyhoo, point was not that I had an issue with religious fundamentalists. They are my friends. My family. And, generally, the nicest people around. Look at how the church goers reacted to the SC shooting.

They are in no way a part of the problem. However, TN politicians do an obscene amount of pandering to them, passing or trying to pass laws that require teaching creation, making the Bible the state book, and non-believers can’t hold public office. (guess which one is actually a law). The politicos pandering to them by making their beliefs law, I take issue with.

More reactions to Chattanooga shooting

Six states move to arm their NGs.

And a bill in TN:

In the wake of the shooting deaths of four marines in Chattanooga, a Tennessee Congressman is offering federal legislation to allow military personnel to carry firearms on military installations and other military properties.

Every thing is tactical

A look at tactical clothing. I find that all the tactical clothing these days is more like knock offs of good work clothing, like Carhartt, but with more pockets and belt loops that are more convenient for holsters.

July 19, 2015

The last bastion of acceptable bigotry: Hatin’ on the South

I’ve lived all over. And everywhere I’ve lived that was not here was highly segregated. I remember in the 80s, in south Jersey, my dad telling me he went on a run with another soldier who was local. As they ran, he’d say to my dad “this is where the Xs live”. X being blacks, Asians, Jews, Italians, Catholics and so forth. Dad quipped to the guy “I thought it was the South that was segregated?”

Hawaii, there were Haoles and everyone else.

And on and on.

And, in the WaPo (Yeah, that WaPo):

These crude regional stereotypes ignore the deep roots such social ills have in our shared national history and culture. If, somehow, the South became its own country, the Northeast would still be a hub of racially segregated housing and schooling, the West would still be a bastion of prejudicial laws that put immigrants and black residents behind bars at higher rates than their white neighbors and the Midwest would still be full of urban neighborhoods devastated by unemployment, poverty and crime. How our social problems manifest regionally is a matter of degree, not kind they infect every region of the country.

In fact, many of the racial injustices we associate with the South are actually worse in the North. Housing segregation between black and white residents, for instance, is most pervasive above the Mason-Dixon line. Of Americas 25 most racially segregated metropolitan areas, just five are in the South; Northern cities Detroit, Milwaukee and New York top the list. Segregation in Northern metro areas has declined a bit since 1990, but an analysis of 2010 census data found that Detroits level of segregation, for instance, is nearly twice as high as Charlestons.

The becoming our own country part sounds appealing. Except we do have a higher per capita of religious fundamentalists.

Flying Gun

Quadcopter + handgun:

Also, it makes news that it is not illegal. I dunno. Any armchair lawyers care to take a gander?

The latest Obama gun ban attempt

Looking at restricting the right to arms of those on social security:

So as the individuals – not all of whom are elderly by the way – suffer from a disease for which there is no known cure, the Obama Administration is looking for ways to rob them of even more of their dignity.

The first and second amendment

In California, it’s illegal to advertise with pictures of handguns.

Gun Porn

A game changer? Ruger precision rifle.

Tennessee National Guard Reviewing Security Policies

And Haslam is looking at expediting carry permits for members. I think he should order armed guards to be at each location, like other states have done.

Reactions to Chattanooga Shooting

More people carrying.

Also, around the country, citizens stand guard at gun-free recruitment centers. For instance, in GA and in OH. The local facebook gun group in The City (My The City) organized the same thing. Haven’t seen any press coverage of it. But that’s because our local newspaper is horrible. I’m rather surprised some real journalistic outfit hasn’t seen fit to do a real one here.

July 16, 2015

Increased water reserves

Sorry for the quick and out posts lately. But I’ve been busy building a thing:


Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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