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April 23, 2015


And yet those talking heads don’t pay their taxes.

Ted Cruz

He wants concealed carry on military bases

Tune in to hear Oleg Volk

At the Squirrel Report.

Shoot me first vest

Virginia Cop Detains Washington D.C. Television News Videographer, Fearing Camera Vest Could be Tactical Gear

90 degree barrel

From Mythbusters:

The party of smaller government

Patriot Act Gets New Lease on Life From McConnell Bill

it’s OK if you’re a democrat party loyalist

David Gregory gets a pass for breaking DC gun laws. But investigated a republican law maker for keeping an AR in his office. He can also get away with it because he’s like you and me, only better.

Banning tools

Results in death:

A young black Baltimore man named Freddie Gray ended up dead after being arrested for carrying a small, spring-assisted pocket knife. The Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation into his death.

Pass bad gun laws, lose business

NSSF says Cleveland out of running for summit because of attempts at gun control.

Well, it was a dumb lawsuit fueled by emotion and bad advice from the Brady Campaign

Aurora theater victim’s family may pay $280,000 in Lucky Gunner lawsuit

A federal judge ordered the parents of a Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting victim to pay court costs and attorney fees as a result of a lawsuit filed last year, and the defendants in the case say the family owes around a quarter of a million dollars.

Via David Hardy, who notes:

If Brady pays it (they’re the attorneys, and the award is assessed against their client, not themselves) that’d be about 10% of their assets, or 5% of their budget. If they don’t … they’re gonna have some serious problems finding clients for future cases.

A civil rights victory

For international travel with guns

Gun Porn

Mystery “Rocking Block” Pistol

WANT! Mare’s leg in 22 magnum.

Mini 14 in 300BLK

Help a friend out

Some friends’ daughter has an operable tumor. But needs a surgery to gain weight for the operation. And the insurance company is being a problem. Help save a young life and give if you can.

You’ll hate me for this

But if you have this video and this one one open in two tabs at once, it sounds like the worlds worst porn movie.

April 21, 2015

@SenDougOverbey gives a non answer

Senator Doug Overbey has never been a friend to gun owners. See past posts here. Received this in email today on the guns in parks bill:

doug overbey

From Southern Precision Tooling: The 260 Dingo

I mentioned their suppressor, The Church Mouse, a bit back. The other neat thing they should be was the 260 Dingo cartridge. Here it is:


It’s 6.5mm, 100 grain bullet that hits speeds of 3,700 feet per second. With their proprietary muzzle device, recoil is basically like an AR. But here’s the thing that interested me. A fired round and an unfired cartridge:


See that? How it blew out. They said that is because the case is fire formed and expands when fired, giving the round more oomph. Never heard of such a thing. I didn’t know it was a thing.

Be sure of your target and what’s, err, under it

A big fireball at a gun range that injured more than a dozen. Caused by heavy equipment hitting a gas line.

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one

Police can’t extend traffic stop awaiting drug dog. I really expected this to go the other way. Good!

Gearing up for the elections

With the obligatory NRA hit piece. A “new” “pro gun” group of democrats will soon emerge too.

Marcus Luttrell’s “Team Never Quit” Ammo

Saw the pitch at the NRA AM but here’s a write up on it by Lee Williams.

Democrats and guns

Stalling the elimination of waiting periods in Wisconsin.

My F550 won’t get to 60 in less than 9 seconds

Training issue. This is a fun game!

Heads on pikes

That is how this should end.




Gun licenses surge. In MA

“I learned by watching you”

In the name of safety

Gun Porn

Blake Bolt Action Rifle

April 20, 2015

Government General Motors never wants me to buy their cars

First, I (and you) foot the bill for their mismanagement and union kowtowing. Now, this:

Automakers are supporting provisions in copyright law that could prohibit home mechanics and car enthusiasts from repairing and modifying their own vehicles.

In comments filed with a federal agency that will determine whether tinkering with a car constitutes a copyright violation, OEMs and their main lobbying organization say cars have become too complex and dangerous for consumers and third parties to handle.

It’s a liberal handwringing trifecta

An uber driver, with a concealed carry permit, shot someone who was firing into a crowd. In Chicago.

Midnight Rider Marksmen

A regular reader emailed me about his new endeavor, Midnight Rider Marksmen:

I am proud to announce the launch of Midnight Rider Marksmen (MRM), a new national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public in American history, supporting the shooting sports, and promoting civic engagement.

MRM is named in honor of Paul Revere and the other brave riders who rode through the night to warn American patriots that “the regulars were out!” on April 19th, 1775.

Our organization has about 60 instructors in over a dozen states and we are looking to schedule events throughout 2015. We expect to start getting initial events on the books in the next 60 days or so. We would greatly appreciate it if you occasionally link your readers to our site, especially as we start to roll out events in your area. Our first event in the field was providing about a dozen volunteers to support the NRA Annual Meeting Youth Day events.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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