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October 07, 2016

Live free or there

In MA, police and THE NATIONAL GUARD raided an 81 year old woman’s home for one pot plant.

Gun Porn

Here’s a Gatling gun for sale:


October 06, 2016

Democrats want ATF information on gun violence

The Hill:

House Democrats are calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to update a report it last published nearly two decades ago about gun violence to help inform public policy on the issue.

The request, in the form of a letter to ATF Director Thomas Brandon, comes after Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor this summer to bring attention to what they see as congressional inaction in response to mass shootings.

The ATF last published a report titled Following the Gun, which reviewed how criminals obtain firearms, in 2000. The lawmakers said that a new report with more recent statistics would provide the public with more understanding of how gun violence occurs in America.

They cite the reason is the bill that bans using federal money to promote gun control. I rather thought that bill was aimed at the CDC because of their sketchy gun control studies that always ended with “we need more money for more research”.

It’s a start

California law now provides that prosecutorial misconduct, including hiding evidence, is now a felony.

When there’s a terror attack . . .

Don’t let anyone know if it was Muslims. At least, that’s what the EU is telling the British press:

MEDDLING Brussels has said the British press should not report when terrorists are Muslims in a slew of demands to the Government to crack down on the media.

Constitutional carry in an emergency

The Florida governor has signed a law that allows those who are evacuating to carry a firearm whether they have a permit or not.

Start a fire with a pencil

I learned this trick in prison (relax, I only worked there). The concept was slightly different. They’d put graphite in each side of an electrical outlet and drop some toilet paper on both pieces. Same concept:

October 05, 2016

Surprised it hasn’t happened yet

ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, ‘Quiet Neighborhoods’

Honestly, I’m surprised that, in the US, there haven’t been more of these types of attacks in smaller towns. I mean, that’s how you’d freak everyone out.

More from Northern Mariana Islands

The ruling I mentioned a bit back also overturned a ban on carry and a ban on “assault weapons”. Good.

All the tacticool


I like to use the Blackhawk shooting gloves as work gloves in the summer. They don’t get hot. And Propper brand shorts last as long as Carhartts and are much cheaper. I think I have one gun shirt that I paid for (similar to this) but all of the gun T shirts and hats I got, I didn’t pay for. They were given to me.

Marijuana card used to deny gun rights

Alan Korwin

A medical marijuana CARD (not use) is now Second Amendment disqualification, according to a decision of the uber-liberal federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In a case with no parallels, a woman who obtained the card to show support for the medical-marijuana movement — but who doesn’t use pot — has been disqualified from her constitutional rights, for possession of the plastic card. Wherever you may stand on the drug issue, even the statute itself requires drug use, not government permission-slip possession. In its decision, this Court introduced the idea that you might not be sufficiently mentally OK at times to bear arms, so summarily removing your rights is totally is fine. Whether this applies to beer, over-the-counter medicine that might cause drowsiness and any other mental evaluations was not addressed, but surely can’t be far behind in the minds of those who can come up with a decision like this, would seek any means to control the public.

Well, that strikes me as wrong.

Wonder what that’s all about?

Cody Wilson, of 3D printed gun fame, was denied membership to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. I guess the industry isn’t keen on the 3D printed gun thing.

News you can use

The history of suppressors. I was unaware that Maxim’s company was still around.

Gun Porn


October 04, 2016

But gun ownership is on the decline

17th straight record month for gun sales.

And in NY, a run on pistol permits because of the election.

I’ve found this to be true

Full size trucks are impervious to speeding tickets. I can concur. When I’m tooling about in the Ford Earthfuckertm during the day, I can do 20 miles over the limit right past a parked police officer and they don’t even look up.

Gun Porn

Johnson Model 1941 Rifle

12 Incredibly Engraved Firearms

October 03, 2016

A billy club that fires a gas canister

And also a shotgun shell:


Seen at gunbroker. Via, who is wondering if it’s an AOW.

Tubeless Suppressor

This is pretty interesting:


So, a suppressor without a tube that is screwed together. My first thought was that, maybe, each part could be an NFA item since ATF is squirrelly when it comes to baffles and such. But there’s no way for the baffled parts to really work with anything else. And for only $99.

More from their video:

Go to a gun show, the feds want to know

In California, ICE persuaded the local police to scan license plates of those attending a gun show.

The pre crime unit

An initiative in WA that would allow authorities to seize guns from those deemed significantly more likely to commit violence toward themselves or others in the near future.

Wouldn’t knocking be easier?

Well, this would seem embarrassing:

I wonder what caused the door to do that?

Gun Porn

Confederate Baby LeMat

B&T Suppressed Carbine.

October 02, 2016

Well, that explains it

I mentioned how the TN Department of Health revised the number of accidental gun deaths from 130 to 5. What the local press accounts of the incident failed to let us know is that the initial data came from a gun control group pushing an agenda:

In mid-September, Tennessee gun control group Safe Tennessee Project trumpeted a disturbing new statistic gleaned from the Centers for Disease Controls Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS) in order to bolster their anti-gun agenda. The group contended that in 2014, 105 Tennesseans were killed in unintentional shootings, a more than five-fold increase from 2013. As expected, the press dutifully parroted the groups claims. However, the incredible statistic touted by Safe Tennessee Project turned out to be just that, not credible. Following a review of their data, the Tennessee Department of Health, who provided the unintentional shooting data to the CDC, determined that the 105 figure was inaccurate and that the correct number of unintentional shooting deaths in Tennessee in 2014 was five.

Range day notes

Went out to do some shooty stuff today. A while back, I mentioned converting 15 round M&P mags to 17 round. I’ve no run each of magazines twice. In that time, there was one failure to feed. Obviously, not enough rounds through them to draw any conclusions. But I think they’ll make fine range only magazines and not so much for carry.

I put 96 rounds through the Ruger GP100 Match Champion that I just bought. That gun is fun to shoot. he first several cylinders I was hitting a bit low at about 10 yards. I finally figured out the sights and it was dead on, even out to 30 yards. That trigger is slick and in single action, it was dead on. Shooting mostly plastic guns, I wasn’t used to the long double action trigger but that will get better with practice. I was hitting what I was aiming at just not quickly or tight. It is now probably my favorite handgun to shoot.

I recently installed a bunch of Apex Tactical parts on 3 of my M&Ps. I’ll have more on the Apex stuff later. But my initial thoughts:

I put the Carry Action Enhancement kit with the aluminum trigger on my Shield. And it’s pretty sweet. It noticeably takes up the travel and made the weapon easier to shoot. This was also the most accurately I’d shot that little gun in a while.

On the CORE M&P, I installed the Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit. This one, unlike the one on the shield, was polymer and not aluminum. Similar results for this gun that I had with the Shield kit. I do prefer the aluminum on the shield. I’ll probably pick up the aluminum trigger when one becomes available. On the larger gun, this seemed to help me get back on target faster. The trigger was definitely smoother. I left my shot timer at home and couldn’t actually measure that.

On the M&P Pro, I installed the Action Enhancement Trigger. A worthwhile upgrade but I’d recommend getting the action kit as well.

I also a stock M&P with no lights, lasers, tasers, phasers, or gizmos on it. For comparison. The stock model is still a hoot to shoot and accurate.

Marines strike in the caliber war

Via NJT, we learn that the Marines’ special operators will no longer be able to carry 1911s in 45ACP. Operators will now only be allowed to carry Glock 19s, a fine choice. I would say the Glock 17 would also be a good choice.

The Trumpening

The Chicago Tribune endorses Gary Johnson for president. A few other smaller papers have done the same but this seems like kind of a significant development.

Actual Headline: Why do police shoot to kill?

At CNN. The expert they interview provides them with the answer that anyone who carries a gun already knows. That this seems shocking to some is a bit of a wonder to me.


Court rules that a $1,000 tax on handguns is unconstitutional.

There were a couple of other issues that I’d consider losses but it was mostly good.

Life in the future

Well, she was an amazon: Wonder Woman is queer.

Troll level epic: Student officially changes his personal pronoun to His Majesty on campus roster

Marijuana candy in CO will be a different color to avoid confusion.

The future is stupid.

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