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May 10, 2017

The Gadget

Tam has a look at the device.

Gun Porn

Panola Regional Weekend

Antique cane gun.

May 09, 2017

Bob Owens, Rest in Peace

I’ve known Bob on the internet for years, from his days at Confederate Yankee and Bearing Arms. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him a handful of times. The first time was at the Lucky Gunner machine gun shoot, where he and I were neighbors during a class given by Tom Givens. I’d also run into him at the NRA annual meetings. At the meeting in Nashville, Bob’s picture of my gun in its holster lead to the NY Times issuing a retraction to a story about how guns weren’t allowed at the meeting.

Bob was always funny, witty, and laid back. He was always smiling. He’d wander around the NRA floor or to a Moms Demand protest and get off a blog post. And I wasn’t sure how he was able to it so fast. He had a great sense of humor too.

Bob is no longer with us. He apparently shot himself after leaving a chilling message on facebook. He never struck me as the suicidal sort. I’m shocked and saddened.

If you’d like to help his family, there is a fundraiser set up for that and you can donate here.

Never thought of it


I have the weirdest schadenboner right now

Bloomberg’s $20M mistake


Though it is lacking the actual trigger pull, if this could be done correctly, I’d buy some. Drop in a dedicated magazine and no need to rack your slide for dry fire practice.

I’m a little creeped out that some school administrator is stalking their students on the internet

A middle schooler was suspended for liking a photo of an airsoft gun on Instagram.

That community could use some organizing

Police: 2 dead, 8 hurt in shooting at Brighton Park memorial for earlier rifle slaying

No one thought to ask if they should do it

Let’s take the ergonomics of an AK and add them to an AR:

Also, it seems that in the fire position, it interferes with the trigger finger.

Gun Porn

Dirty Harrys .44 Magnum

Hand engraved Glocks. I don’t see the point.

May 04, 2017

ATF publishes lost and stolen data

Right here. Mostly handguns. And, apparently, quite a few people lose suppressors.

In California

Handgun sales are up 53%

The Sig 320 for all branches

Kit Up:

The U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps all intend to replace the M9 9mm pistol with the Armys new Modular Handgun System, service officials said today.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

I don’t think giving the police the power to shut down people’s phones without cause is a good idea.


In effect

Gun Porn

Size comparison

Heres all of the guns the ATF took from Pasadena Police lieutenants Sierra Madre home

May 03, 2017

Tennessee Hearing Protection Act

It has passed the House and the Senate. Tennessee law now is basically a duplication of federal NFA laws. So, the state bans suppressors. However, it is an affirmative defense to prosecution that you jumped through all the federal hoops and have a tax stamp. So, if the national Hearing Protection Act passes, Tennessee should be good.

Good advice

Lock your damn doors.

My kids always, in an annoyed tone, ask: Why do you always lock the doors? And I respond with So I don’t have to shoot anyone. I also lock my truck doors. Just the other week, someone broke into several vehicles around here. Just the unlocked ones. I have video of the perp trying to open my truck, realizing they were locked, and leaving. It works.

Heckler & Koch to build a gun factory in Georgia

So reports Spiegel Online. You’ll have to translate it to English. But basically, they’re spending $23M on their first factory abroad. And they like Trump’s trade policies.


The Firearm Blog turns 10


Stacy Washington was fired because she supports a civil rights organization.

Gun Porn

Slim line nines

Star Z-63 Submachine Gun

May 02, 2017

Gun sales are still strong

After the Gun Salesman of the Century left office, folks thought gun sales would drop. However, they continue to remain near record levels.

Very cool

Pete Brownell has been elected President of the NRA.

SAF to challenge California magazine ban

From their webpage:

The Second Amendment Foundation, joined by several other groups and individuals, today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in California, challenging that states law prohibiting the possession, use or acquisition of so-called large capacity magazines, calling the ban hopelessly vague and ambiguous.

Joining SAF are the Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation and six individuals including one retired California peace officer. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.

The complaint is a constitutional challenge to California Penal Code 32310, as recently amended by Senate Bill 1446 and Proposition 63, and Penal Code 32390 (the Large-Capacity Magazine Ban). The lawsuit alleges that if these measures are enforced as applied, they would individually and collectively prohibit law-abiding citizens from continuing to possess, use, or acquire lawfully-owned firearms, in common use for lawful purposes such as self-defense (inside and outside the home), competition, sport, and hunting.

This one seems a bit risky to me. But, historically, SAF has been pretty good at these sorts of things.

It’s what communists do

Gun Privileges suspended in Venezuela.

Gun Porn

That’s pretty cool.

Hudson H9

Beretta AR-70

May 01, 2017

Gun Insurance Fight

The NRA has decided to get in on the self defense insurance game, much like the USCCA. NRA even uninvited USCCA from the annual meeting. I’m not really sold on the concept no matter the provider. Aside from that, a couple of people have made some decent points on why this could be a bad idea:

What if George Zimmerman had Carry Guard?

And now you have the NRA saying that liability insurance for gun owners is a good thing. And anti-gun politicians have been trying to make that required by law for a while.

NRA annual meeting stuff

I wasn’t there this year, a bit busy. But others were.

Bitter has the NRA board of directors vote totals. The bylaw changes were approved overwhelmingly. I’m rather surprised at how few people, as a percentage, vote in the election. I suppose that may be because it’s life members and annual members with 5 years that vote?

Rare Guns At NRA Annual Meetings

Some cool gear pics over at Shooting Illustrated.

New from Springfield

The XD-E. At first I was all Meh another XD. But you can carry it cocked and locked, which is kind of cool.

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