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August 24, 2015

Gun Porn

M1911 in 7.62x25mm


Brown Rifles Matter

New gun safe day



August 20, 2015

XM42 Flamethrower

Speaking of irrational want:

The XM42 is the worlds first fully handheld, grab and go flamethrower on the market.

Via Sebastian, who notes a mayor is trying to make it illegal. How they’d do that without banning super soakers is anyone’s guess.

The divorce lawyer market is about to an uptick

So, hackers released data on users of the website Ashley Madison. For those not in the know, it is a site that married people could use to arrange to have affairs. The site boasted 40M users. Which is probably 39,999,000 men and 1,000 women. I kid. I found out about the site because a friend of mine’s wife used it to cheat on him. But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this: 15,000 government emails revealed in Ashley Madison leak

Who would sign up for anything, much less a site like this, with a work email address?


Wow. Now, a gun grab can happen to any of us, open or concealed. Even having appropriate attire and a good holster, some times your shirt doesn’t cooperate. I’m thinking I might need more retention training.


So, a “legal affairs writer” is seriously arguing that amending the constitution is unconstitutional? Uhm, that’s kind of what that process is there for.

If they’re a danger, they probably should still be in jail

Missouri supreme court upholds ban on felons possessing firearms

Wish I was there

But life calls. Kevin is at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous.

Gun Porn

I have an irrational want for this lever action shotgun.

August 19, 2015

Hazel the rednosed pibble

So, this is our nightly routine. Whines to get me to play:

Regal to search bags of movie goers


Two weeks after at attack on a movie theater in Antioch, Tenn., moviegoers in Knoxville are noticing new security measures.

Theaters owned by Knoxville-based Regal Entertainment Group have posted signs out front warning patrons that “backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection…”

Because no one will carry a gun, say, on their person. And harassing the law-abiding is sure to drum up business!

We suck at our jobs and you should suffer for it

Record number in Utah to lose carry permits because bureaucrats.

Why you should never shoot a gun

The answer is obvious, really.

Gun Porn

Liegeoise 1888 Trials Rifle

Slug Gun

BG 380

August 18, 2015

Quote of the day

Hillary Clinton:

Look I dont believe you change hearts. I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.

And that’s not even all of the stupid that she said. She will legislate you to comply.

Why we win

Even Vox gets it.

Blast deflector

My AR pistols are very loud. So loud, sometimes, they’re unpleasant to shoot. Well, there’s a cure for that:

Anyone running a short barrel AR can tell you that the muzzle blast can be overwhelming especially if shooting indoors. Yankee Hill Machine is offering a QD blast deflector that is designed to redirect the blast forward, away from the shooter.

Those racist gun owners

American Hispanics: The Newest Second Amendment Enthusiasts

We’re going to demonstrate to the world that black people have the same rights as white people.

Another “study”

Fraudulent study in the American Journal of Public Health inaccurately claims that states with more guns have more police deaths

Pistol Shot Recorded at 73,000 Frames Per Second

Gun Porn

A well-appointed Saiga 12

Wooden grips on a Glock

I Held An Amazing Piece Of History Today!

August 17, 2015

Putting down the man gun

Pat Rogers on switching to 9mm.

Obligatory your caliber sucks, your gun sucks and you’re holding it wrong.

Others react to Europeans thinking air conditioning is stupid

The frozen tundra and the south* weigh in.

* Granted, she’s an expat but we still claim her.

In other news, the law trumps policy

Judge rules that obeying the law is obeying the law:

A Michigan judge this week ruled that a parent should be allowed to openly carry a gun inside his daughters school on the east side of the state, despite it being a gun-free zone by school policy.

Michigan law allows people with concealed pistol licenses to carry openly in schools, which ultimately led to the judges decision.

You could have lead with that second sentence there.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

Man tries to rob a bank with a picture of a gun that he drew.

Innocent Targets shows all the butthurt of the The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence

Pretty sickening. Our opponents are deranged.

No, we’re a bureau

ATF says they’re not “an agency” to avoid complying with FOIA law.

My homemade .410 staple gun


Challenging the pistol permit law

Gun Porn

I would call in Jerry.

And while it’s pics of 1911s, here’s more.

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