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February 14, 2018

Happy VD

You should have something better to do than be here!

Well, OK

Gang member found with loaded gun. You have to go see the gun.

Oh Canada: That’s some sawed off rifle.

No, they hate white women too

Is “Woke” Just Another Name for Man-Hater?

ATF determinations from the future

I laughed. That that could be a serious philosophical exercise shows how silly gun regulations and laws are.

Gun Porn

I suppose I can’t judge since I have a pink AR-15 but I will. Two ugly AKs.

February 13, 2018

Suddenly, there’s concern about this states’ rights business

NYC police commissioner is having a bit of the vapors over the possibility of national reciprocity for gun permits. Some choice quotes:

I think its insanity

Yup. Exercising a constitutional right is insanity.

ONeill said accidents and suicides in addition to crime could skyrocket with more out-of-state guns around town.

And where has that happened in the past?

Right now, we have a good idea of whos carrying guns. If this law passes, all bets are off,

Yes, rich white guys with connections to get a permit. Otherwise, you have no idea who is carrying illegally.

I love a good conspiracy theory

A guy claiming to be from the future (2030) tells us that there will be time travel (who knew?); Trump will be reelected; and artificial intelligence will take over. Oh, and he passed a polygraph so it’s totes legit.

And we’re saved

The military has added 4,000 people to the no guns database maintained by the FBI.

About those hotel safes

Some of them are not all that secure because the hotels don’t reset the super user code:

Gun Porn

Check out the short-barreled rifle that got the 49ers linebacker thrown in jail

Integrally suppressed AK

February 12, 2018

Getting a carry permit in NYC

In the case of Corbett v. City of New York, he’s trying. And it seems impossible. Particularly when the hoops you have to jump through include:

You also must use recycled paper for all your printing, because lets be environmentally-friendly while failing to allow e-filing and requiring 8 copies.

Read it all. It is remarkably absurd.


Democrat waves his gun around on the Mississippi house floor.

Guns are not at all like children: They should be heard and not seen. Unless you’re suppressing it. Then neither.


Remington seeking to file bankruptcy. This is “according to people familiar with the matter”

But gun ownership is on the decline, they tell me

U.S. manufactured the most guns ever in 2016

The party of smaller government

The budget deal adds an additional $300B in spending. At least the guy I supported gets it:

Analysis true.

Where can I get me some of them?

Heat-seeking bullets. Yes, anti-gunners think these are a thing.

Win gun stuff on the internet

Right here

Gun Porn

Information on the M203

A gun with a loudener.

February 08, 2018

Quote of the day

Seen at Shooting Illustrated:

Tom Givens carries the Glock G35 in .40 S&W instead of the 1911 he used to carry, pointing out that its overall length is the same. But, he also points out, while the eight-round 1911 was a two-bad-guy gun, theres an increasing trend of multiple attackers and the Glock had enough ammo on board for a three-bad-guy world.

And read the whole thing. I don’t generally carry what I’d consider to be my competition gun. But I do some.

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Grassroots v. astroturf

The Trace, on noting that only 13% of respondents to ATF’s bumpstock request support gun control, gets a little butthurt:

The results of our analysis showcase a paradox of the gun debate. While widespread public support exists for many gun regulations and policies from bump stocks to background checks pro-gun advocates are significantly more active than their counterparts when it comes to engaging politicians and government agencies.

That’s because our side actually has a grassroots movement. You don’t. People are passionate about rights. Less so about infringing on them.

This should have ended with jail

DOJ settles with last group of IRS scandal plaintiffs

How to win

Take someone to the range. No one smiles like that at an anti-gun event.


Cops in Scotland were in a 45 minute stand off with a toy tiger.

NRA board endorsements

John Richardson has some.

Gun Porn

This is pretty cool. Note how the AK barrel kind of flexes:

February 07, 2018

Still not feeling it

The creeping crud has me feeling like warmed over poop at the end of the day. So, light blogging.

Reader Poobie’s battle with leukemia makes my bronchitis seem trivial. So, well wishes to you, Poobie.

Life in the future

SpaceX launched the world’s most powerful rocket to send a Roadster carrying the MTV astronaut into orbit. Why? Because they can. Cool video. If the time thing doesn’t work, start at about 29 minutes. And wait to watch the two rockets land.

Sometimes, the future is not stupid.

Gun Porn

Things That Made Us Say Huh?

February 06, 2018

Gun porn

I’m sick as a dog and my brain doesn’t want to function. Probably because it’s full of snot. So, here’s the Smith and Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ.

February 05, 2018

Quote of the day

Cody Wilson, via Reason:

Gun control is not dead, gun control is undead. We just keep killing it but it keeps coming back.

The article is about making your own untraceable gun.