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August 07, 2018

News you can use

Start Shooting Better Episode 10

They seem more mum to me

A piece on how Rand Paul and Mike Lee stopped a ban on publishing files for 3D printing guns with some NRA bashing. The NRA has kept mostly quiet on the issue other than saying the fears of untraceable guns were unfounded because those are already banned.

Looks more like a chest-puffing from NAGR, who suck.

Gun Porn

A Five-seveN Mag Fed AR

Remington 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive .45ACP

August 06, 2018

Mass shooting with multiple shooters

Unpossible, they have all that gun control: 66 shot, 12 fatally, in Chicago weekend shootings

Fitting that this happened the weekend they were celebrating Barack Obama Day.

Another integrally suppressed pistol

This time, from Sig. Unlike the Maxim 9, this one retains the look of a traditional handgun.

Their mayor can beat up your mayor

Glenn Jacobs, Professional Wrestler and Libertarian, Wins His Race for Mayor

He will be mayor of Knox County next month.

Quote of the day

Unfortunately, common sense is just not common. We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.

Councilman Jason Dominguez

This is what they think of you. Petty, would-be tyrants.

NRA targeted

This hysterical piece of doom and gloom about the NRA’s financial situation has all the hyperbole. I mean, it couldn’t be that the NRA is filing a lawsuit and needs to show damages or anything, right?

I have no problem with this: Hardline U.S. ‘gundamentalists’ pressure NRA from within


40% of those surveyed could not name a single right protected by the first amendment.

Guns for me, not for thee

David Hogg once again has armed security at a political event.

Guns for preppers

Best Survival Guns for Preppers: Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles

I would also add a decent revolver may be useful. During a zombie apocalypse, magazines will be scarce and they are a wear item.

Win gun stuff on the internet

Right here.

Depends on how connected you are

Is It *Really* Impossible To Get A Gun License in NYC?

If the city has anything to do with it, then yes.

Gun Porn

Someone took that literally.


August 02, 2018

Cody Wilson on CBS

This is pretty awesome. The segment near the end with Cody Wilson was gold. He basically told the pearl-clutching news guy “because fuck you that’s why” in a reasonably polite way:

Take the 3D AR challenge


Someone on the left researched this whole 3D printed guns things

And, at least on the surface, gets it right that the 80% DIY market is actually a real thing.


What she said.

NRA lawsuit in NY

David Hardy:

[The State] threatened NRA’s insurance carrier into cutting off its insurance, sent letters to all New York insurers and banking institutions urging them to cut NRA off, violated its first amendment rights, deprived it of equal protection of the laws, and engaged in tortious interference with business relationships

Openly racist

So, of course, she’s working for the New York Times.

3D printed gun stuff

It’s all a big lie. You cannot print a fully functional AR-15 on a 3D printer. But that doesn’t stop the hysteria. It’s all irrelevant because it’s already out there. And, even though this was taken down, it’s back up.

Gun Porn

I get what they’re going for here but it looks like it has a racing stripe.

The Colt New Service Revolver

July 31, 2018

Red flag law snags up guns

In Florida, 467 people have had their guns taken because of a new law that allows police to take guns from those who are deemed dangerous. I found this bit interesting:

“I think were doing this because it makes us feel safer, said attorney Kendra Parris, critical of the new law. Whats wrong with that, asked reporter Katie LaGrone. It violates the constitution, Parris said.

She believes after four-and-a-half months, Floridas version of the red flag law as its also known is starting to reveal some disturbing grey areas, specifically among individuals who don’t have histories of violence or mental illness.

These are individuals who are often exercising their first amendment rights online, who are protecting constitutionally protected speech online, she said. Maybe it was odious, maybe people didnt like it but they were hit with the risk protection order because of it.

Good for the attorney. This law is being abused.

More 3D printed gun stuff

3-D Printed Gun Derangement Syndrome is real and the lies those opposed to it tell is not surprising.

Defense Distributed is the target of a cease and desist effort by eight states. The head of the firm says that he’s being sued by 21 Attorneys General.

Democrats are proposing bans and Trump seems to be on board.

Trigger Guard

Well, this strikes me as unnecessary.

Gun Porn

Brownells XBRN-177E2 Retro AR-15

Gear Head Works One Bolt Action Pistol

July 30, 2018

Speaking of 3D printing

Defense Distributed won against the .gov and can distribute their plans. As a result, the Attorney General of New Jersey sent the company a threatening letter. So, Defense Distributed is suing them and LA. Read it all.

Another oddity of current gun laws

ATF has determined that bolt action .50 caliber upper receivers for AR-15s are firearms. Technically, I don’t think they are wrong.

But 3D printing will lead to blood in the streets


Rule four

This is very odd:

A Pennsylvania man was convicted on all charges in the death of his 12-year-old daughter, who was shot by a constable serving eviction papers with a bullet that went through her fathers arm.

Perry county authorities said that in January 2016 Donald Meyer Jr, 60, pointed a loaded rifle at the constable. The officer fired and the bullet wounded Meyer but killed Ciara Meyer, who was standing behind him.

I don’t see a case for charging the man but there’s probably some law about something happening during the commission of a crime. And the police officer is responsible for the rounds that come out of his gun. Well, he would be if he wasn’t a police officer.