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September 21, 2016

Civil rights battle

Wherein a gay activist group and the Second Amendment Foundation challenge DC’s requirement that, for a carry permit, one must demonstrate “good reason to fear injury”.

Because they’re smarter than you think

Why millennials are skeptical of gun control:

In spite of the prevailing attitude toward millennials in the media, where it seems we are often portrayed as somewhat unmotivated and unwilling to engage on important issues, millennials are incredibly passionate, motivated, empirically minded and data-driven. And when it comes to gun control, we have a mountain of evidence over the last half-century to show that government efforts to restrict gun ownership are utterly ineffective at achieving their stated claims: a safer society through the reduction of violent crime.

And it’s important to keep in mind the internet. Millennials have, for the most part, had it for most of their lives. And, unlike old school media, the pro gun side pretty much dominates the internet.

Gun Porn

North Korean Type 73 LMG. Been seeing a lot of Nork guns on the intertubes lately.

September 20, 2016

9mm Penetration


Super owners

About that ridiculous “study” on gun owners and how many guns they own, just check out The Gun Feed. Needless to say, it’s crap.

On culture

Recently, I went to a receiving of friends for an acquaintance. At the service, they had a slideshow of pictures of the recently departed, which is pretty typical at this particular funeral home. However, toward the end of said slideshow, there were pictures of family members that were obviously taking “selfies” with the soon to be departed. It struck me as poor taste. The notion of two children posing with their soon to be dead mother using all of the same techniques you see on facebook each day for taking a selfie was unsettling.

Self defense tip: Leave

Why anyone would hang out when shots are being fired is beyond me. I guess the 15 minutes of social media fame or some such. Get out of there, moron.

Tannerite in weekend bombings?

That’s what some are speculating. Joe tells why it may be the case. It’s been the target of would be nannies for a while. I think most people don’t realize just how easy it is to make explody things.

Do the right thing. Get suspended for it.

12 year old finds a knife at school. Reports it. Gets suspended.

Zero intelligence.

Chicks and guns

Not helping*:

FOX 11 Investigates was told off-camera by a representative of Badger Gun Sales that he won’t sell a handgun to a woman without her first getting trained. He recommends to his female clients they check out Well Armed Woman, a gun training group solely for women.

So, men, you presume, are already trained? This is unhelpful, sexist nonsense.

* Presuming the journalist is not fibbing.

Gun Porn

M1C Sniper Garand

Bubbas Molested Mosin

September 19, 2016

The Trumpening

Donald Trump, pointing out Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy on guns, said that we should take away her bodyguards’ guns. A valid point, noting she has guns for her protection, paid for by you, but that you shouldn’t be allowed to have one for your protection.

But the press says that this was Trump “alluding to violence” against Secretary Cankles. That is laughable.

It’s a mystery

Remember that Oregon pastor who used his church’s money to buy raffle tickets for an AR-15 because he wanted to get that gun off the street? So he transferred it to a friend for safekeeping, a clear violation of the new Oregon background check law. Yeah, him.

Turns out, he was cleared because the police didn’t look very hard:

Officials were investigating whether Rev. Jeremy Lucas may have violated a recent state law that makes transferring a gun without a background check illegal, even if the arrangement is between private parties and no money changes hands.

But investigators uncovered no evidence that Lucas, 45, actually transferred the gun and never determined the name of the gun-owning friend, Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote said in a letter to the Oregon State Police.

The letter was written Sept. 9 and made public Thursday by state police.

Lucas didnt speak with investigators, state police said in a statement.

Without the transferee in this case, I dont think we could ever have a prosecutable case, Foote wrote.

Didn’t even ask him? I say put him in jail for it so he can lecture me from his cell about lax gun laws.

About the weekend

So, bombings in NY. And in NJ. A mass stabbing at a mall. Shouts of aloha snackbar.

All small scale stuff. But it could have been worse, with a bit of coordination.

The mall stabbing guy was stopped by a competition shooter and police officer.

Lying isn’t all they’ve got. They’ve got ignorance too

Kevin on the Paper of making up the Record embarrassing article that Missouri is now the shoot me state.

But background checks would help!

A story of the complete failure of a background checks to stop anything.

Tactical facepalm

Yes, they are that stupid.

The party of smaller government

A look at Rubio’s gun bill.

I’m not to keen on more lists of people and qualifiers to make one a prohibited person. On its surface, I don’t think this is a good bill. But we must do something. This is something. So, it must be done.

What’s going on in Nashville?

When did you guys elect a bunch of commies?

Gun Porn

North Korean AK


Well, that’s ugly.

September 15, 2016

A civil rights victory

In Missouri, the Republicans in the legislature overturned the Democrat governor’s veto of constitutional carry. Good.

However, I hope that the Democrat the NRA endorsed for this year’s MO Gov race remembers to dance with who brung him.

We’ve played this game before

Bloomberg gives $300M to Johns Hopkins to make up gun violence data.

Gun Porn

History you can touch

Leaked Larry Vickers Glock?

September 14, 2016

Creating crime to solve it

Not just for the FBI


ATF gets in on it too except they botched it as the ATF is prone to do:

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) set up shop as a sting operation to attract illegal gun and drug dealers. It worked: 144 firearms were bought and confiscated, as were narcotics during 68 transactions. Thirty-one people were arrested.

Yet, the agencys Operation Fearless was enough of a mess that the Justice Departments Office of Inspector General (IG) was prompted to take a broad look at ATFs undercover storefront operations. For all the good the Milwaukee sting did, there were enough blunders to make Operation Feckless seem an appropriate label.

In a report issued last week, the IG examined similar stings in Pensacola, Fla.; St. Louis; Wichita; and Boston, in addition to Milwaukee. The conclusion is sharp.

The operations were marked by poor management, insufficient training and guidance to agents in the field, and a lax organizational culture that failed to place sufficient emphasis on risk management in these inherently sensitive operations, the IG office found. It was alerted to the problems following a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation into Operation Fearless.

Then what?

They never think beyond the initial goal. Us saying “no” never occurs to them.

Grassroots v. astroturf


if the (sic) wasnt for President Obama and Mike Bloomberg, most of the gun control movement would have folded up shop several years ago. Two people have kept this issue alive. Thats not a grassroots movement.

They’ve been voting long enough and need representation

Dead NY lawmaker re-elected. Surprisingly, not a Democrat.

Gun Porn

S&W Tactical Pen. I do love mine and they make great gifts.

US WWI Sniper Rifles

September 13, 2016

SJW butthurt is best butthurt

Locals upset over “Black Rifles Matter” sign.

Isn’t that more like just a brontosaurus

Heh: The Waitasaurus Rex

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