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February 25, 2015

She also pretty much sucks at her job

Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts Is A Propagandist, Not An Activist

Odd, given the political leanings of FedEx CEO

FedEx refusing to ship Defense Distributed’s CNC mill

At least he admits it

Global warming is his religion.

Out of money?

Brady Campaign reneges on pledge to back up law in case of legal action.


The paper of making up the record gets pretty much everything wrong in trying to paint carry permit holders as violent. Of course, they just took dictation from the Violence Policy Center.

One things for sure, government regulation will not be an improvement

A day away from fundamentally transforming the internet

Time to Revive the Patterico Free Speech Pledge

Sovereign Citizens

Here is the New Homeland Security Report on ‘Sovereign Citizen Extremist’ Violence

Emily got her gun permit

She’s been approved in DC. My guess is she only got it because the authorities figured she’d get another 12 weeks of material and a lawsuit out of it.

Gun Porn

What 40 years of “just spray it out with Rem oil” looks like.

The holy hand grenade of Antioch

I don’t get the point.

Cowboys v. zombies

February 24, 2015

Quote of the day


It was within my lifetime (albeit barely) that you could order an actual 20mm anti-tank rifle in the mail with less drama than buying a packet of Sudafed today.


This looks like it can get you killed:

Officers should “take a deep breath’’—and close their eyes—when dealing with angry people, according to the NYPD’s new “retraining’’ program.

The potentially dangerous advice is part of a $35 million “smart policing’’ primer by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton that most of the officers who have gone through it say is completely useless.

Push knives

Oleg looks at some Cold Steel.


Man shot after verbal dispute. Or, you know, because someone pulled a knife.

Alien Gear Holsters

I liked the one I got. Joe likes his too.

Well, that’s odd

Scanner reveals mummified body inside Buddha statue

Actual gun safety

Not the kind promoted by astroturf groups: Project ChildSafe ‘Own It? Respect It. Secure It.’


Senate clears bill legalizing suppressors and short shotties.

Gun Porn

Thuer Conversion Colt 1849 (someone teach that man how to embed)

Apparently, reddit has a gun porn section.

February 23, 2015

Quote of the day

Adam Lawson in comments:

Easy answer to any what caliber question: What’s your favorite caliber?

Not that one!

sacred cow

Training requirements


In states where training is required by law, it works differently. The person applies for a license and learns they have to take a class in order to get that license. So being human, they go looking for the cheapest, fastest way to get the paperwork completed. Online? Sure! Shortcut class that barely meets state law? Good! Whatever, just get me that paper.

In DC, unclear on the concept of carry permits

Stephen Gutowski applied for one citing threats he had received. He went through the process, got printed, and paid the money. He was denied because, despite being threatened and able to show that, he was unable to show he had good reason to fear for his safety. Heck, doesn’t living in DC qualify as having a good reason to fear for your safety?

Freedom Index

Florida is number one. The usual suspects round out the bottom.

NRA Youth Conference

From an email, the NRA is getting its youth outreach on:

Make Plans to Attend the Inaugural Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference in Nashville!

The NRA-ILA Grassroots Division will be hosting the first ever Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference during NRA’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits! Geared specifically toward the next generation of Second Amendment activists, this one-of-a kind event will be an exciting opportunity for college students to learn more about the Second Amendment and how to become a more effective advocate on their campus and in their community! (The event is open to all interested attendees, but its focus will be on college students.)

College students who attend will receive a free one year NRA membership, along with a chance to bring NRA to their campus! Additionally, the first 50 students to register for the conference will also receive a free commemorative T-shirt. At the conference itself, there will be opportunities to win additional NRA swag, along with free admission to the NRA Annual Meeting!

Among the speakers will be our special guest, Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi!

The Inaugural Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference will be held on Friday, April 10th from 2:00-4:00 p.m., at the Omni Nashville Hotel, in Legends Ballroom ABC.

Attendance is free, but due to the anticipated interest in this first-of-its-kind event, pre-registration is strongly recommended. To reserve your spot, go online to and RSVP today!

I’m happy to see them making this move.

Kids are better at crew served weapons

I think Oleg said that once. He was right.

What caliber for Jihad?

Terrorists are threatening to attack malls.

Deal Alert

Gen 2 PMAG 10 pack for $89

Via The Duck

Starting to like this guy

Rubio looking to end Operation Chokepoint. Though it does make me wonder what people would do when the other team is in charge.

Shooting academy

Opens in India

Gun Porn

Garand and Garand shorty

Beretta, getting into the polymer striker-fired game, announces the APX.

Tommy Gun in Ethiopia.

February 22, 2015

Snow daze

With the kids out of school due to icemageddon, we had a lot of down time. And the kids got bored. So, I was showing them things to do with cards, like building a house of cards, throwing cards, and tossing cards into a hat. After a couple of attempts at house building that ended in collapse, my son went and got tape to put them together. Then, I showed them tossing cards into a box. My daughter tried it. But my son grabbed the entire deck and tossed all the cards right in the box.

At first, I was disappointed he was cheating. Then I realized it was also pretty smart.

He is a little rules lawyer.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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