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January 26, 2015

New Galil

Coming to the US

You’d think they’d learn

Since it keeps happening: Firearms enthusiasts crash gun buyback to hunt bargains

Yup, turn in your $8 regular capacity magazine and get $25.

ProMag Rollermag

An AR magazine with wheels on the follower.

Ammo testing

Aquila .22 LR 60 Grain Sub-sonic

Sellier and Bellot 1 1/8th 2.5 inch Tactical Slugs

Oh, Josh Sugarmann, are you ever not wrong?

So, if it’s all top secret, why are all those photos on the internet?

Play stupid games

Gang member shoots himself in the face with zip gun. Unfortunately, it was with bird shot.

Gun Porn

Suppressed and tacticaled out for clays.

Japanese Type 97 Tank Machine Gun

Smith & Wesson 640 Pro Series

January 25, 2015

Heard around the house

My dad came by to grab some homemade kimchi and Junior was doing her homework:

Poppa: What kind of homework are you doing?
Junior: I need to do a limerick.
Poppa: Want some help?
Junior: Sure
Me: It better not involve a man from Nantucket.

Pistol Grip Pump

Should never be used, much less two:

Deal Alert

40% off the SIRT training package

At least this time, they didn’t break the law

Another Bloomberg “sting”

Obviously going as planned

The D&C:

Jackson Guns and Ammo Shop in Henrietta closed its doors last week after the owner decided it was too difficult to continue business under New York state’s gun regulations.

Kordell Jackson ran his gun shop out of two locations in Henrietta and Scottsville, and had a large following of firearm owners on the south side of Rochester. The closure was in Jackson’s mind for months, he said. He closed the Scottsville location on Jan. 1, and the Henrietta location on Jan. 17.

“The SAFE Act killed us in terms of business,” he said. “It was very difficult with sales and regulations with transferring and obtaining firearms, so I decided to close up.”

They took our jobs.


Media worried about TSA finding paper weights that look like grenades

Jay Dobyn’s case full of bombshells

David Hardy has a look:

The judge accused the government attorneys of perpetrating “a fraud on the court.”

Dobyns’ house was burned, and he argued it was arson, carried out by Hell’s Angels, and successful because BATF had blown his cover and denied him protection. It turns out that a Justice Dept. attorney in his civil case told BATF not to reopen the investigation of the arson, lest its finding help Dobyns in his suit against BATF. That was concealed from the judge until the trial.

More here.


Dad posts meddling note sent home by teacher over packed lunch

Via Insty, who notes: Missing from the story: The name of the teacher. Name and shame the nannies.

Yup. The news is typically riddled with the names of people who are not government employees. Odd, that.



Guns and porn

As opposed to what we usually do around here, SHOT and some big porn convention in Vegas at the same time. Well, both have been targeted by the nannies in government by Operation Choke Point.

Gun Porn

A gallery of Maxim Silencer sales literature. Very cool.

unfired/unissued CZ-52

January 24, 2015

Based on gun show turnout

People haven’t gotten the sb15 memo.

January 23, 2015

So, someone did that

A fake suppressor for Airsoft guns.

Anti-gun groups: Enforcement of gun laws are not the point

Then what is?

Yo, dawg, I heard you liked guns

So we put a gun in your gun so you can . . . I give up.

January 22, 2015

Too big to jail

Finally Obtained: David Gregory Arrest Warrant Affidavit

Basically, the police wanted to arrest him but the prosecutor said no because he’s better than you and me. Well, that’s not really what was said but that’s what it means.

Leatherman Bracelet

The Tread, a multi tool you wear:

Salvo 12 suppressor

Very cool shotgun suppressor. With video.


i've got the deflatingest balls of them all

Apparently, there is this football league that exists outside of college and it’s a thing. I’m usually vaguely aware of it from about the first week of January to the first week of February and then we sit around watching commercials for four hours. Any way, today’s news on all of the radio I listened to was all about how the New England Patriots may have deflated their handeggs. I mean, seriously, I turned to Rush Limbaugh to stop hearing about it and he was talking about it too. But he made the point that if people paid as much attention to their government as they do to their favorite sport, we’d probably better off.

And I’m no football expert or anything. But I’m guessing that if you air up a football inside a warm, room temperature locker room then take it outside in MA in January where it’s cold, it’d probably lose some air pressure. I remember how when I lived in Hell err New Jersey as a kid that the basketballs didn’t bounce in the winter.

Gun nuts gonna gun nut

Crimson Trace says store clerks hinder their sales. And their products will give away your position!

I kid. That’s a dumb thing to say. I love Crimson Trace lasers and have them on all but one carry gun, which has a red dot on it.

Tips on how to win

From the guy that lost. The GOP is a real head-scratcher these days.

Reminds me of a conversation I had today on the GOP’s issues. Democrats march lock step with democrats. They just do. Republicans have in their base conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians and evangelicals. And more, certainly. It’s why you had roughly 57,000 primary primary candidates in 2012.

But they keep running moderate establishment guys. Who, instead of pissing off one of those base members, pisses all of them off.

Chicks and guns

NSSF Infographic: Girl Power

Party of smaller government

In TN, you can drink in a car, provided you’re not driving. But a Republican wants to change that:

Right now passengers can crack a beer while riding in a car in Tennessee. A new bill would make that illegal, moving Tennessee in line with the majority of other states in the country.

“Right now we’re encouraging people to party in the car,” said Rep. Jon Lundberg, R-Bristol, who filed the legislation Thursday.

“If people are drinking in the car, except in rare instances, the driver is often participating in that.”

Then, if they are pulled over and found to be drinking, they can be arrested.

Passing the law is going to save lives and bring more money to Tennessee, he said.

The former is a fabrication. The latter is probably what the bill is about.

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