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February 05, 2019


Of course: Docs Reveal Portland School Administrators Planned & Paid for Student Anti-Gun Protest

Bump stock arrest

Some college kid in Florida. I can’t tell from the article if he had a Drop In Auto Sear. Or if someone just said he did.

He’s right, you know

There is no such thing as an assault weapon’: Spokane Sheriff Knezovich discusses I-1639

Gun Porn

Inside a Chiappa.

February 04, 2019

A civil rights victory

This seems like a big deal:

Today, Joshua Prince and myself secured another victory for Second Amendment jurisprudence in Miller v. Sessions, et al., 2:17-cv-02627 in an issue of first impression across the United States. Judge Eduardo Robreno of the Middle District of Pennsylvania ruled in a 25 page memorandum that it was unconstitutional, as-applied to Mr. Miller, to prevent him from exercising his Second Amendment right as a result of a 1998 misdemeanor conviction under the vehicle code specifically, the alteration of a PennDOT window tint exemption form.


a de Blasio special

Like you and me, only better:

A politically connected businesswoman got gun permit applications upgraded and rubber-stamped by the NYPDs corrupt license division in early 2014, multiple sources told the Daily News.

Brooklyn real estate agent Charlene Gayle allegedly received the VIP treatment when she accompanied members of the Orthodox Jewish community seeking full-carry firearms licenses, the sources said.

Ex-NYPD Lt. Paul Dean alluded to the allegations in paperwork filed in Manhattan Federal Court Wednesday.

Deans supervisor in the unit allegedly told him, This person takes care of Mayor de Blasio and in return we are supposed to take care of this person, Deans attorney wrote.

“But gun ownership is on the decline,” they lied

2018 NICS Data.


Apologies for not posting. I have caught the creeping death. Ok, fine, it’s a head cold. My head has produced more snot in the last four days than it has in all my previous years on the planet.

And I had to go to court because people don’t like to pay their bills. If you still have faith in “the system”, a day in court will cure you of that particular malady. But I digress. It went my way.

Of the 50 or so cases on the docket, 3 of them were some check cashing place v. sumdood. 1 was mine. And the rest were the local hospital v. sumdood.

Gun Porn

A double stack 1911 from Remington.

January 30, 2019

The next SCOTUS gun case

Reason has some good commentary.

Meanwhile, the left is getting a case of the vapors:

It will also be the first opportunity for the Courts newest member, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, to begin building what promises to be a disastrous pro-gun legacy.

The author calls the fairly straightforward Heller case “radical”.

Ok, then

A Gatling gun that takes Glock mags.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

Or never was.

What’s wrong with a bump-stock ban?


Gun Porn

South Africas First Production Gun

WATCH: Kel-Tec CP33

January 28, 2019

The crazy years

The Trumpening.

Frankly, I’m tired of politics. The left is in full on deranged mode, calling everyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. Watching grown people lose their shit over a hat with a campaign slogan on it really doesn’t restore any of my faith in humanity. If you can’t handle seeing a hat, stay home. So, I’ve basically adopted the Captain’s philosophy that the left is just entertainment.

The pro-Trump hysteria is equally disheartening. A portion of his supporters have just lost their minds. And many are supporting positions they’d never really held before because of Trump.

The never Trumpers I can’t figure out what their end game is. And I don’t care.

It’s amazing to me that two people can see a video/news story and draw polar opposite conclusions all based on their preference for red or blue. It’s astonishing.

The media is just pathetic. They’ve stuck their dick in it so many times trying to find anything on Trump or a supporter of his. And all they’ve gotten for their trouble is a few indictments for process crimes.

I see a story and think to myself “Self, that seems unbelievable”. I used to go check and see if they were true or false. Now, I just don’t care and don’t bother to check. The field where I keep my fucks to give is empty.

So, yeah, that’s why the blogging has been light.

Speaking of SHOT

The Gun Feed has all the coverage.

Manny Mansfield does SHOT


Life in the future

A man has an emotional support alligator.

I would say the future is stupid but I’d kinda like a pet alligator.

Now that they don’t control the house

Mike Lee proposes the hearing protection act.

Gun Porn

That’s not good.

January 23, 2019

The second amendment at the Supreme Court

Dave Kopel has a detailed look at the upcoming case.

But he thinks you shouldn’t be

Bloomberg is all about arming the police at Johns Hopskins.

Trump and the NRA

Mueller is looking into their relationship. The article also mentions that silly Russian spy thing, which is a non-story.

SHOT coverage

I’m not there but other people are:

Shooting Illustrated’s coverage

The Gun Feed with all the links.

Stuff from Tam

Gun Porn


January 22, 2019

This could be good news

The Supreme Court has granted cert in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York case. At issue is if the city’s travel requirements pertaining to transporting firearms is constitutional:

The case concerns a New York City ban on transporting handguns except directly to and from shooting ranges, and requires the weapon to be unloaded and stored in a locked container.

The law also prohibits transportation of firearms out of the city to a second residence.


In Virginia, all the gun control failed.


The media and the democrats attempted to play an obviously non-racist event as racist and the story went far and wide. Meanwhile, when there is actual racism, the crickets chirp.

Stop Touching It

Dude was showing his friend his XD and “accidentally” shot him in the face.

Gun Porn

Range Review: Kel-Tec CP33. If these turn out to be reliable, I see one in my future.