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September 28, 2014

End game

Only a start

Full of win


Because he can

Forget flechettes, load your shotty with xacto blades.

Why we win

And how many people show up to harass a Kroger?

We don’t want to confiscate your guns

Just to be able to force you to sell them to us at a price we dictate

Man found decapitated, police suspect suicide

OK, then

So, was it an AR-15?

Because, boy, if it was, that’s some extra special narrative fail.

An idea so dumb, it required a committee

Hey, let’s crack down on school shootings by regulating home-schooling.

Gun Porn

Regulating Clark Double Rifles

Burnt Bronze Kahr Pistols

Words that are fun to say: Bullpuppery.

September 26, 2014

Reality just took a giant dump on “the narrative”

So, a black man kills a woman, who I presume is white because no big deal is being made about her race. An attempted mass murder was thwarted by a man on the scene carrying a gun. And a Muslim beheaded a white woman in OK. OK, you caught me. They’re all the same story. So, when will the race hustlers show up? Anti-gun people won’t be outraged because it was a knife. And, if Moms Demand Action had their way, there would have been two murders. Will Holder investigate civil rights violations?

And CNN is bending over backwards to paint the guy with the gun as a sheriff’s deputy who showed up instead of him being the CEO of the company. He is a reserve deputy.

September 25, 2014

Your caliber sucks!

The FBI slaughters some sacred cows:

While some law enforcement agencies have transitioned to larger calibers from the 9mm Luger in recent years, they do so at the expense of reduced magazine capacity, more felt recoil, and given adequate projectile selection, no discernible increase in terminal performance.

Likely not true since they ganked a well-known photo around here from 2009. And the only source seems to be that website and people stealing it. But it amused me.

Been there, done that

Shit You See on the Range:

Should there be a limit to the amount of ammunition you can own?

No, next question.

A tale of two home invasions

Woman hides under window gable on roof while intruder is looking for her.

11 year old shoots man who stabbed her mom. Good job, kid.

Point is, have a fucking gun. Never want to use one that way. And probably will never have to. But if I need a gun, I’ll, by God, have one.

I notice a distinct lack of race hustlers

But the cops shot John Crawford for seemingly no reason:

Ronald Ritchie should be in jail. And the cop should have done a better job. That shooting was instant. No way he could have complied with an order.

This land is my land; this land is my land

Requiring a permit to photograph federal lands

You’d think Bill would learn from his last tussle with NRA

But he didn’t. Via Tam, who quips: Seriously, this is just writing RNC ad copy for them.

Second amendment victory

From David Hardy, looks like a guy got sentenced for a non-violent crime, kept his nose clean and got his gun rights back.

Where Great Britain Used To Be


Holster Giveaway

Right here.

Gun Porn

Buckmark Rogers in the 25th and a half century

Nylon body, which I like and my dad has one, but I don’t even.


News on radio says Holder stepping down.

September 24, 2014

Admitting to committing crimes on the internet is stupid

Via NJT, it looks like Cracked’s Harmon Leon may have broken the law and then penned a confession on a popular website.

The ammo one likely wasn’t illegal since it was rifle ammo.

I’m sure, as when this has happened in the past, that he’ll come out and say it didn’t really go down like that.

Shaneen Allen gets pretrial intervention

And will not be facing prison time. Good.

Moms Demand Action: “Hey, those Nazis were pretty smart.”

And think Goebbels had it right. Tactical facepalm.

ATF asking about internet sales on forms

From John Richardson:

It is within this context that I was surprised by a new question on the ATF Form 8 ((5320.11) Part II. This form is for the renewal of a Federal Firearms License I have circled it in the photo below. Having had my Curios & Relics FFL for going on 18 years, this will make my sixth renewal of my collector’s license. My last renewal was in 2011 and it did not have this question on it.

Civil rights victory

In HI, a law banning legal immigrants from owning guns is overturned.

You’re either for free speech or you’re not


Not bad

Fairly accurate report on NFA, particularly machine guns.

“Synchronized Shooting”

Probably the funniest term I’ve heard to describe gun training videos

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