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June 13, 2019


The Virginian Pilot:

Kate Nixon had considered taking a gun to work on May 31, the day a co-worker killed her and 11 others in the country’s deadliest mass shooting this year, a family attorney said on a radio show Monday.

The public utilities engineer was concerned about DeWayne Craddock “as well as one other person,” said Kevin Martingayle, an attorney working with Nixon’s family. So on the night of May 30, Nixon had discussed with her husband, Jason, “whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag,” Martingayle said. She decided against it because of a city policy that prevents employees from bringing weapons to work.

If she had been armed, the guy would likely have stopped shooting much sooner.

A civil rights victory

In Illinois:

The Second Amendment Foundation has posted yet another victory in Illinois, as the Second District Appellate Court has dismissed an attempt by the Village of Deerfield to challenge a permanent injunction against the communitys ban on so-called assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

SAF was joined in the case by the Illinois State Rifle Associationits partner in the landmark 2010 U.S. Supreme Court victory in McDonald v. City of Chicagoon behalf of Deerfield resident Daniel Easterday. Deerfields appeal was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, the court ruled.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

Police handing out blunt knives to domestic violence victims to reduce stabbings in the home.

Good lord.

Lobbying expenditures

The NRA doesn’t spend all that much compared to other organizations.

Rare bit of journalism

On the gun issue, they got one right.

Pocket guns

Considering the .380

Gun Porn

Nagant Model 1877 Gendarmerie Double Barrel Rolling Block Pistol

June 11, 2019

Assault avocado

A robber used an avocado to rob a couple of banks. He claimed it was a grenade. Good thing it was Glockacamole.


Surprising no one, the Kiwis are not turning in their guns.

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Gun Porn

I’ll just leave this here:

June 10, 2019


A local man, who was obviously having issues, decided to shoot his 8 year-0ld, set his house on fire, and then pop a cap in himself. I tangentially know the family involved.

Ok, listen up: If you’re planning on using the self check-out lane of life, get help. If you get help and it doesn’t take, try again. If you still aren’t going to be talked out of it, just take yourself out. Leave others out of your mental condition.

Like you and me, only better

Tennessee Republicans made sure law enforcement was exempted from the new distracted driving law

I regularly see local police cruising around and looking at laptops. This doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

New ATF director

The NSSF is a fan.

Speaking of tech and guns

3D printing has taken hold in the firearms business.

Not a gun friendly place

Stag Arms is leaving Connecticut.

In Cali

Gun laws are no match for technology.


Things are getting sporty: NRA Issues Subpoenas To 3 Board Members In Ack-Mac Lawsuit

Silencers in the courts

SCOTUS has turned down a silencer case:

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to federal regulation of gun silencers Monday, just days after a gunman used one in a shooting rampage that killed 12 people in Virginia.

The justices did not comment in turning away appeals from two Kansas men who were convicted of violating federal law regulating silencers. The men argued that the constitutional right “to keep and bear arms” includes silencers.


In the silencer cases, Kansas and seven other states joined in a court filing urging justices to hear the appeals. The states said the court should affirm that the Second Amendment protects “silencers and other firearms accessories.” The other states are: Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

But I was assured he was pro gun:

President Donald Trump’s administration asked the court to stay out of the case and leave the convictions in place.

Gun Porn

The Bodeo Revolver

June 05, 2019

Industry to activism?

A bit back, Pete Brownell resigned the NRA board. They then bought And this seems like a big deal:

That having been said….2nd Adventure Group, a holding company wholly owned by Pete and Frank Brownell, has purchased the website, adding it to their holdings which include Brownells, Inc., and other industry brands.

Pete Brownell tells The Outdoor Wire Digital Network it will become the backbone of what he envisions as a communications outlet for the Second Amendment.

Its already a significant presence with shooters, boasting a user group of more than five million.

Emphasis mine.

Does he also drive a Model T?

Top general in Afghanistan totes an old school 1911.

But I was assured he was pro gun

Trump: Will ‘seriously look’ at banning gun silencers:

“I’d like to think about it. I mean nobody’s talking about silencers very much. I did talk about the bump stock and we had it banned and we’re looking at that. I’m going to seriously look at it. I don’t love the idea of it,”

You’d think he’d save the screwing gun owners over part until re-election time.

The party of smaller government

Tennessee law banning handheld cellphone use while driving takes effect July 1. Another stupid preventative law that will prevent nothing.

I laughed

Gun Porn

How does this AK cool off? It pants.

June 04, 2019

But you don’t need a gun at a school

A would be mass shooting at a school in Brazil was thwarted when a mom drew her heater and smoke checked the would be shooter. It’s from last year but I don’t recall seeing it.

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I happen to like Slip Knot and AR-15s. So, I got a kick out of this:

Another mass shooting

In Australia. Unpossible since they have all those gun laws.

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