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November 23, 2014

ATF making up crimes

Nothing new. They’ve done it quite a lot. But a judge is bringing the heat:

“Society does not win when the government stoops to the same level as the defendants it seeks to prosecute,” he wrote. “Especially when the government has acted solely to achieve a conviction for a made-up crime.”

Also, I liked this:

But for the undercover agent’s imagination in this case there would be no crime.


Will DC be held in contempt for gun carry law?

A judge is considering it. Go Gura, go.

“accidental” shooting

No, this one looks to be all negligence.

Shooting a flashlight out of a shotgun

White House Targets Reporter

After reporting on Fast and Furious, she wouldn’t get in line: Email Proves that White House, DOJ Targeted Reporter Sharyl Attkisson

Also, Adviser Tells Attorney General Holder How to Manipulate Press on Fast & Furious

You know, if had more reporters like her, this story would be huge.

What government has become

The house to sue Obama admin for not enforcing the health care law.

I guess the plan is to keep suing since he rather picks and chooses a lot of laws.

Thinking outside the box

Tam on the Curve

Be careful SNL, you may be targeted next

SNL spoofs Obama’s executive action:

I get the sentiment but . . .

Well, that’s not stopping rape. That’s reporting it. A couple of jacketed hollowpoints can stop it.

For the children

As a logical fallacy


Hunting with suppressors now legal

Amazon and gun stuff

Deals on targets, night vision, and SOG knives and tools.

In IRS news

Lois Lerner’s emails have been recovered. I’m sure they’ve been scrubbed too.

Disguising your long term food storage

I hadn’t thought of that.

Gun Porn


4lb AR


November 20, 2014

Siamese M16

Turning money into noise:

I question the sighting system.

Make fun of Guns and Ammo, that’s a suing

Guns and Ammo, reacting to criticism of their turd of an article, has threatened to sue GunsSaveLife for stealing their photos and slander:

Regarding your website’s illegal use of our photography and slanderous statements about our publication (Guns & Ammo), you have until Nov. 21, 2014 at 8 a.m. CT to remove all content from your website that was stolen and/or improperly quoting our publication.

Well, you did take their photos but so did everyone else. You kind of had to to make fun of the piece.

Still, G&A, not a good move.

That new bogus gun study

John Lott explains why it’s bogus.

Eddie Eagle has saved more lives than Shannon Watts

Seems some idiot thinks that teaching kids actual gun safety is inappropriate.

When stupidity meats PSH

Little boy suspended for making gun with fingers. Probably also said “pew pew”

In Soviet Russia, gun carries you

Russia loosening gun laws: Who would have ever believed that Putin’s Russia now provides better gun rights than the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and most of California

Mainstreaming preparedness

Wal Mart stocking long term storage food. According to their website, my local Wal Mart is too.

Jay Leno cancels SHOT appearance

NSSF is disappointed. Seems he got pressure from Moms Demand Something and caved. Puss.

The war on terror

Leads to more terrorists and terror acts?

Colt is saved from debt default

By securing $70M more in debt. I think they may have been dealing with government for too long.

Realistic Hollywood Gun Scenes

A list.


Judge considering if gun laws are too restrictive. Hint: yes.

Stay denied in Silvester, the arbitrary number of days waiting period.

Gun Porn

X95 vs TAVOR

An M&P color I haven’t seen

November 19, 2014

Bryco/Jennings Lawsuit Update

A jury has awarded someone who dropped a gun “on a glass dining room” $6M because that’s what people not smart enough to get out of jury duty do:

Hardware paid $89.95 for a new Bryco/Jennings pistol that Bell said Richardson had bought “in bulk” a year earlier.

According to testimony, a few weeks after buying the gun a friend tried to fire the gun but it jammed. Hardware took the gun back to Richardson, who on that night was working at a liquor store he also owned.

Richardson tried but failed to move the pistol’s slide that was locked in place. He removed the magazine but there was a live round in the chamber and the gun was cocked.

Richardson returned the gun to a zipped case and told Hardware to bring it to the pawn shop the following Monday, when his “gun guy” would be at work and could look at it, according to testimony in the week-long trial.

Later that evening, Billy Bullard was shot in the stomach when Hardware dropped the gun as she was putting her purse and other items on the dining room table. Hardware and a friend rushed the teenage boy to the hospital but he died while his sister cradled him.

“One of points that impacted the jury was the owner, Mr. Richardson, testified that the gun he sold to 21-year-old Tiffany was one he would never recommend to one of his family member,” Bell said.

First of all, I make a lot of typos. But wow. That’s in a major newspaper. Second, this is kind of stupid. You bought a crappy gun. And, third, you dropped it.

Long ball

Playing the game against Bloomberg. Bloomberg is a bit smarter than folks gave him credit for.

I expect WA to have some civil disobedience.

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