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October 25, 2014


That’s how many rounds I fired today. Took a Morrissey to my happy place:


Then set up the new targets I got from recommendations from you guys:


Trouble is, I killed one:


I had a blast. Usually, when I go shooting, I wind up taking the kids or the nephews. So, I spend more time orchestrating the festivities than actually shooting. Today was all about me shooting. It was fun.

October 23, 2014

Holster Review: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck

Alien Gear contacted me and asked if they could send me a holster. I accepted. The sent me a holster, two shells, and all of the clips:


Background on what I’ve learned about holsters. I used to carry leather, when I worked in an office. Then, I started working outside. I build houses. The leather quickly became pliable due to heat and, no doubt, sweat. And I didn’t want this to happen. So, I went to a hybrid. And the leather, though it would not interfere with the trigger, still became kind of icky. And, also, there was that time I had to draw my gun and drew it and the holster at the same time. Awkward. I’ve since switched to loops only. After that, I went all Raven Concealment for work and break out the leather when not working. Needless to say, I put the loops on the Alien Gear.

The Alien Gear is not leather, it is Neoprene. Now, I’ve not carried it long term, but that seems an improvement over leather, if you work outside. The holster is a bit wide for a skinny guy like me. I carry at 4 o’clock and the loops come up near my front pocket and towards the center of my back. I’d prefer a model that wasn’t as wide. Here it is compared size-wise to a Raven:


It’s comfortable. Wore for a week on the job and comfort was great and it was not as stiff as my Kydex Raven holsters.

Seems well made. No issues at all with changing out bodies or loops.

The body of the holster is a bit gritty on the back side, the side that contacts your body. So, if you’re around sawdust and debris, if it gets in there, it will stick.

Like other hybrid holsters, the gun doesn’t lock in with a click like they do on kydex. Takes some getting used to.

Tentatively, I recommend it. If I carry it long term, we’ll see how it does out in the heat and cold of East Tennessee.

The government wastes a lot of your money

Wastebook. The .gov spent $1B to destroy $16B worth of ammo. They could have sold it. Or given it to me and I’d have destroyed it absolutely free. And there’d have been a party.

I’ve had this conversation

“I’ll Come To Your Place When SHTF” – No You Won’t

People see the Unc Cave and are all like “Man, when the zombies come, I’ll be here.” Sorry, no. I have enough for my family and bit more for extended family. That’s what I’ve budgeted and spent money on. Sorry, I will turn you away unless you have something I need, be it a skill or something physical.

Solution in search of a problem

Dad jeans with internal holster attachment. Or, you know, get a good belt. Less expensive and works with all of your pants.

Sucker born every minute

Should have kept quiet. I see a business model.

Galil Ace

Another AK variant

Gun Porn

And Oleg twofer.

Assorted bullpups. I really want to like bullpups because of their OAL. But that whole can’t shoot them left handed and figuring out how to change max quickly seems a bit of a hindrance.

870. Now, that’s what I call hip.

October 22, 2014

Don’t shoot things at a school

Woman shoots at snake on practice field, gets arrested. We all want kids safe but, if you break the law and it involves gun fire, you’ll get arrested. Far quieter and more effective ways to kills snakes.

War on women

Domestic Violence month starts with women defending themselves.

Grandfather prevents rape of his grandchild.

Honestly, never had that happen

But Apex has shorter mag base pads for the M&P because reasons.

Terror attack in Canada?

Could be. A shooting there. I’m sure they’ll just use their massive database of registered gun owners to prevent that and solve the crime. Oh, wait.

Meanwhile, video of the shooting.

Death of a narrative

Evidence supports officer’s account in Ferguson

In H&K news

H&K USA sold?

And their export license approved. Maybe we’ll stop sucking and they’ll stop hating us.


Preemption of firearms laws passes, on to the governor.

They go off on their own and they drive?

Headline: NC Teen Shot In Head By Rifle In Pickup

SAF sues Illinois, again

This time, over their residency requirements. Well, this may lead to me attending one of the Gun Rights Policy Conferences in Chicago, if I can go heeled.

Gun Porn


Coonan .357 Compact

October 21, 2014

They only want guns banned for others

State senator who sponsored anti-gun bills was arrested at the riots in Ferguson carrying, wait for it, a gun. And was also intoxicated.

It’s election time!

So, in the Governor and Senate race, it doesn’t matter what I think. The incumbents will win. In the senate race, I find it amusing that the only truth to come from the candidates is their attack ads on each other.

Next, we have wine in grocery stores. A no-brainer. Vote yes. Hell, I think I should be able to go to Kroger and buy some wine, liquor and a joint.

And Sam Duck for school board. He wants to actually look at spending instead of raising more money.

As to the amendments, amendment 1. Basically, our state supreme court used failed logic to say that the constitution somehow guarantees a right to an abortion. It doesn’t. So, if amendment 1 stopped after the first sentence, I’m OK with that. But it goes on to say that legislators can legislate it. The folks supporting yes on 1 are lying when they say that abortion clinics are not regulated. They are. I’ll still vote for it because the first sentence is correct.

Amendment 2 is where we stop electing judges and the executive appoints them. I like this because it plays into that whole separation of powers thing that I am a fan of.

Amendment 3 prohibits employment and income taxes. Fuck yeah. Sign me up.

Amendment 4 lets veteran based groups hold gambling events for fundraising at the discretion of the legislature. No. Special groups of people should not get special privileges. Either we all can have such events or no one can. I do note that, currently, 501c3s can do this.

Graphics matter

Year 5 of the look at CDC data

Free shipping on gun stuff

From The Dragon’s Hoard

another tragic reminder

To keep your finger off the trigger

Supreme court to take a gun case

A forfeiture case.

Chicks and guns

Girls leading way in new gun trend as parents tell anti-gun lobby to back off

No, your biggest failure was you

Eric Holder says his biggest failure was the lack of more gun control. As an AG, passing laws is not your fucking job. With Fast and Furious, he did try to swing that.

Let’s go Krogering

Three robberies at Kroger stores. Kind of goes against Moms Demand Attention’s claim you don’t need a gun at a grocery store.

How Gun-Control Legislation Is Affecting This Election

Locally, sheriffs are not fans of gun control.

You have the right to free speech as long as you don’t say anything

Judge rules you have a right to keep and bear arms. Just not the right to use them.

Needs to speed up the beat

But, still, pretty cool:

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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