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February 13, 2016

Scalia dead

Looks like it. RIP. This is bad news for conservative positions.

February 12, 2016

Magazine Storage

Because of Tam, I snagged up one of these magazine storage cases. It’s handy. Keeps them secure and you can attach it to MOLLE stuff:


The magazines with the Taylor Freelance extensions don’t quite fit. And, I discovered that, somehow, I’d manage to pick up a Pro-Mag magazine. When I bought it from Amazon, amazon said I might also like this magazine can for AR mags. I liked it so well, I got a second:


You can shoehorn 20 mags in each one.

Registration leads to confiscation

With added “journalism”

Actual headline: Gun nut charged after cops find distrubing arsenal near school

As to how it happened:

Police were able to stumble upon the stockpile after officers conducted an administrative pistol licensee review at Shous apartment on Monday, prosecutors said.

All of his weapons were “licensed”. Lot of good that did. Of course, it’s NY.

Suing Knoxville for gun ban

You may recall that during the TVA fair, the city banned guns at Chilhowee Park, despite a state law that bans cities from banning guns in parks. The city said that Chilhowee Park was not a park, even though park is right there in the name and it’s actually, you know, a fucking park. Well, someone you may know is suing them.

Offending someone against the law

At least, according to a campus police officer.

Hunting with suppressors

Now legal in Michigan.

In Tennessee

But of course: Committee delays action on gun bills

I’m guessing Overbey being against gun rights again.

And Haslam doesn’t like the idea of guns in the legislative plaza:

But Gov. Bill Haslams administration is raising concerns about the proposed change. The Republican governor said in an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday that he wants to keep the gun ban within the state Capitol building, which is connected to the Legislative Plaza via an underground tunnel.

We dont think that people should be able to bring weapons in here, Haslam said. This is a secure building. Weve got metal detectors; weve got troopers with guns.

Haslam said it would create a logistical problem of how visitors to the legislative office complex would be rescreened upon entering the Capitol building.

Gun Porn


February 11, 2016


The guy who said he was fired after using his gun in defense of others has gotten his job back:

An employee at a Michigan General Motors Technical Center said he was fired after he pulled a gun to stop a knife attack at the plant on Wednesday, but his bosses eventually reversed their decision and let him return to work.

Didarul Sarder, a 32-year-old valet service supervisor, “now has his job back,” Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said in a Facebook post.

Guns and sexism

Cosmo is still around, apparently, in the same way that Cracked is still around. And here’s a hysterical bit on how to talk about guns in relationship, if you’re prone to fits of PSH. In the silly little noninfographic, owning a gun for defense should be a concern. Well, Sparky, that’s pretty much why most people own guns.

Fired for doing the right thing?

At a Government err General Motors facility, a woman was being stabbed repeatedly. A good Samaritan with a gun decided to intervene:

A nearby valet driver, who also has a concealed pistol license, saw what was happening and rushed to the employees aid.

He pulled the weapon out and stopped the attack from taking place, said Fouts. By then, this woman had been stabbed multiple times.

The driver held the attacker on the ground at gunpoint as other GM workers called 911. Police quickly arrived on the scene and took the suspect into custody as the employee was rushed to the hospital.

She underwent surgery and was last reported in stable condition.

So, he was, of course, fired on the spot:

The victim, identified as Stephanie Kerr, is in critical condition, and lucky the stabbing didn’t go any further, according to city officials. All of which is why Sarder says he was surprised to be fired on the spot by a GM employee, then escorted off the property.

“He said, ‘You shouldn’t have had a firearm here,'” Sarder said. “‘After this is done he needs to be escorted off the property. He’s not welcome back here.’

“I was really bummed out. I got a little emotional.”

Sarder, who has a valid CPL, works for a company contracted by GM. He says he started working on the grounds in December and was never informed of a no gun policy.

GM officials, however, deny firing Sarder, saying in a statement, “Because this is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment. However, we can say GM has not requested the valet be dismissed. To our knowledge the valet remains an employee of the vendor.”

I’m not certain who’s telling the truth here.

Update: He has gotten his job back.

Anti-gunners don’t need proof

Gun control and settled science. Well, as much economics and criminology are science.

How democratic

After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders

Felling berned.

So, Texas went open carry and an amazing thing happened


Gun Porn

From EBay of all places, a cutaway Maxim silencer:


February 10, 2016

Another day at the office

Australian Style Gun Control

The police took a T-shirt launcher from a basketball team because it’s a weapon.

Trigger warning

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits a college campus to discuss political correctness nonsense. It’s funny. But it’s also kind of pathetic. Every time I encounter some democrat/progressive discussion, I realize that they and I do not live in the same world.


Journalists Described Hillary Clintons Speech as MuscularBecause Her Team Blackmailed Them

Well, if anyone is just now realizing the press is in the tank for her . . .

Get your full doze of crazy

Victims of gun violence: hunted animals.

Well, there you go, Mr. Fudd.

Billions for gun control

In Obama’s budget

Good guy with a gun saves police officer

In Philly:

POLICE ARE crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an Upper Darby cop Friday after he saw the officer being attacked and surrounded by a large group of teens.

“There were 40 kids. If it wasn’t for the good Samaritan stepping forward, he’d have been dead meat,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “There’s no doubt they would have attacked him.”

Gun Porn

Springfield Armory RO with Crimson Trace 20th Anniversary Master Series grips

February 09, 2016

It was bound to happen (just like last year)

After record NICS checks month after month (thanks, Obama), January NICS checks drop sharply.

Get off my team

Yup. Time for The Nuge to get off the NRA board.

News you can use

I’d never thought about it before but this read from Tam on guns for older folks is worth it. It’ll probably come in handy for all of us someday.

Well, they kind of have to

I mean, if they told the truth, they’d be agreeing with us.

Let’s you and him fight

Bloomberg’s anti-gun group feels a little butthurt that Gov. McAulliffe didn’t compromise hard enough and, by that, they mean he did the smart thing. Well, now they’re targeting him in an ad.


Several pro gun bills are to be heard in the General Assembly.

Gun Porn

There’s a Palm Pistol Carbine. Yes, you heard me.

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