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November 28, 2014


The first 12 minutes of The Watchmen is the greatest parody of my childhood fears ever.

Update: It’s on the youtube:

Fast and Furious: You can help

Judicial Watch wants to crowd-source going through the voluminous number of documents they received from the DOJ.

Stupid art

Artist creates sculpture out of cheese puffs to raise awareness of gun violence; out of weed and no munchies:


ATF and its fake stores

And they were found out for failing to pay rent.

Magpul finalizes plans to leave CO

And they’re heading to Austin, TX

White privilege

Means it’s OK to get mugged. Or something. Seriously, that’s the dumbest and pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.

Is that a banana in your pocket

Banana clip.

Police Shooting of Pre-Teen in Cleveland Caught on Surveillance Video That Contradicts Cops Claims

So says Reason’s Ed Krayewski. Honestly, I can’t tell. While the police officer shoots pretty quickly, the kid looked to me to be going for his fake gun. Or, at least, his hands appeared to be moving that way.

November 27, 2014

There are two types of tea


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you

Turkey in smoker:


Lamb on grill:


Coffee in belly. And we wait.

Have a good and safe one.

On Thankgiving eve, me and the nephews shot 1,080 rounds of 5.56. And 747 rounds of 9mm. It was fun. And, let me tell you, those AR pistols are louder than dammit.

Will the Army drink the Kool-Aid?

S&W is looking to get in on supplying the Army with M&Ps:

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. have joined forces in pursuit of a contract to supply a new 9mm handgun to the U.S. Army.

The firearm, for the Army’s Modular Handgun System solicitation, will be based on Smith & Wesson’s M&P polymer pistol platform, which features a reinforced polymer chassis and ambidextrous controls and which is carried by law enforcement personnel around the world.

“This partnership combines General Dynamics’ proven legacy in manufacturing military armaments with Smith & Wesson’s extensive experience in designing and manufacturing firearms for commercial applications,” said Tim McAuliffe, vice president and general manager of medium caliber ammunition and weapons for General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems. “General Dynamics’ extensive background in winning and managing military contracts brings proven leadership to the venture and by joining together, we will use our combined knowledge and expertise to bring this unique capability to the U.S. military to better equip the warfighter.”

The Army’s draft MHS solicitation identifies design and performance requirements for a new modular handgun that can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes and is optimized for improved gun, ammunition and magazine performance.

The competition to supply the weapon is scheduled to start in January, with delivery of the first new handgun systems in 2017.

Use a holster

And don’t carry a gun in your back pocket:

According to the store owner, the gun accidental fired as the man attempted to retrieve a handgun from his back pocket.

The man injured his buttocks but his injuries were very minor the owner explained.

I dunno, libertarian socialism seems like an oxymoron

The children’s wing of the libertarian party

Forced and charity are mutually exclusive

And a synonym for taxes.

Knoxville Utility Board to force all customers to participate in charity – unless they opt-out.

Gun Porn

Turkey gun


Walther HP

November 25, 2014


The number of mental health records in the federal background-check system has more than tripled since 2011

New from Tac-Con

A selectable two stage trigger and a trigger for the AK:


Having solved all the country’s problems, we now have new menu labeling.

Face Your Fear

Fighting v. shooting

From a looter’s mouth

Ok, then: “They have insurance. They can rebuild,” said Rhasaan, 42. “The life of Mike Brown can’t be rebuilt. Our patience cannot be rebuilt.”

Gun Porn

STI Springfield 9mm

M1908 Mondragon Semiauto Rifle

St. Etienne Model 1873 Revolver

November 24, 2014

So, riots in Ferguson?

Seems the grand jury finally stopped their stupid shit and did the smart thing by not charging the cop who shot the strong armed robber and violent felon Michael Brown. Good. But thanks for wasting everyone with half of a brain’s conclusion. Now, back to looting.

Bleg: So, I want to SB-15 a Ruger Charger

Because I think a short 22LR would be a hoot. Anyone know of a good stock for that?

Don’t loan tools in Washington

New background check law applies to flare guns and nailers.


The WaPo feels the need to fact check a Saturday Night Live skit.

So, he’s running for president then?

Ben Carson walks back his rather stupid support for banning guns in urban areas.

Deal Alert

Streamlight laser light combo for $200

New from Ruger

The LCRx with a 3 inch barrel. And a hammer.


NSA guy says China can shut down our power grid. But, hey, the NSA knows what kind of porn you like.

Gun Porn

Belt fed edition

Belt fed AR

Semi auto M60

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