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Retention isn’t the only thing

Careful with your holsters.

One Response to “Retention isn’t the only thing”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Hmm. I see a lot of pistols with light rails, but few holsters for them. a Sig I got even came from the factory with both a light rail and a factory-supplied holster. The holster does not accommodate a light.

    The Glock 20 I have, with a light on it, did not seem to have any pre-existing holster to accommodate that particular combination, but the light manufacturer recommended a custom holster from a company that happened to be nearby to my compound. That holster protects the trigger quite well, but they never could get the retention that a EDC holster should have.

    At that time at least, Glock offered railed pistols, pistol lights and holsters, but not a holster which accommodated their light. It’s a little better now, but there’s still some additional market share to be had out there.

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