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So they can lie

Why doesn’t the FBI videotape their interviews?

3 Responses to “So they can lie”

  1. mikee Says:

    There is no rational reason for this, except for the logistical issue that it would involve the FBI taping every single conversation they have with anyone, at all times.

  2. Richard Says:

    Since I am going to record every single conversation I have with the FBI and everyone else should too, they might as well do it too.

    Should I get called for jury duty, I am going to discount any “evidence” provided by their summaries and any testimony based on it.

  3. ExpatNJ Says:

    According to 2013 SCOTUS(links below), an arrestee, suspect, or anyone – questioned by a law-enforcement agent – who remains silent WITHOUT invoking their 5A Rights, their silence can itself be used as evidence against them. So, one has to say something like:

    “I have a Fifth-Amendment Right to remain silent, and I am exercising that Right. I will not answer any questions without my attorney present. I do not consent to any search.”

    Repeat as needed.

    SCOTUS Rules 5S Has to Actually Be Invoked

    Silence as evidence: SCOTUS holds 5A does not bar using a suspectís silence as evidence of guilt – 06/21/2013

    [Note: This is NOT ‘legal advice’. You have to pay for that …]

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