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I hope it goes that far

The Anti’s Are Getting Worried About A Supreme Court Case

3 Responses to “I hope it goes that far”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Yeah, the antis would lose that one, but that’s not so much the issue. The problem lies in how or why it would NEED to go so far as the supreme court.

    This brings up the concept of “the process is the punishment”. A gun club or two may be able to bear the burdens of a major court case, but individuals often are not. The plaintiffs need to seek damages in the form of a very large sum of money. Let the NYC taxpayers bear the reimbursement and punitive costs. Ideally of course, all those who proposed and pushed for the stupid law, or otherwise facilitated it, would be individually liable, and subject to criminal prosecution for Conspiracy to Infringe, and for Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

    The weasel-speak in some of these leftists’ writings, by the way, is thoroughly Romish in nature, though they are usually not as good at it, being relative pikers as they are.

  2. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    At Lyle, not just yes, but, FUCK yes.

  3. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Most likely SWEDES, In my mind, anyhoooo…..

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