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We don’t need no stinking due process

Democrats are pushing the “No fly, no buy” nonsense again. It’s impossible to know if you’re on the list at any given time, other than at the airport.

8 Responses to “We don’t need no stinking due process”

  1. chiefjaybob Says:

    Remember stalwart Senator Joe Manchin: “Due process is killing us.”

    This is a US Senator saying this. We have the worst elites ever. Every politician is stupid.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Yeah, once upon a time there were classical liberals among Democrats who rightly championed “due process” and other 5th Amendment rights, but no more. It wouldn’t surprise me if they attack “Miranda rights”, based on the 5th Amendment, especially selectively against gun owners. Oh wait, they’re already doing it with “Red Flag” laws–and traitor Republicans are joininhpg them.

  3. dittybopper Says:

    Tie it to “No fly, no public benefits”. See how fast it dies.

  4. Paul B Says:

    Screw that. Her too.

  5. Ron W Says:

    The ” no fly, no buy” is SECRET and ARBITRARY!! So up much for those who claim “the rule of law”. It’s absolute evil tyranny to start with a minority; vilified gun owners.

  6. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    I have had a CCW permit for a long time. In TN, it started as consensual, and fuck you, Google, for not letting me type what I think.

  7. Hartley Says:

    Ron W. you’ve hit the nail on the head – the “no fly” list is a secret list, with the secret process for adding names to it, and no way for the named to legally challenge it. The sort of thing every progressive politician absolutely LOVES. Imagine being able to confound and injure those who express thing you don’t like with absolutely no recourse available on their part!

  8. Ron W Says:

    @Hartley, AND they want their “universal background checks” for backdoor registration so they can have a database to put gun owners on the “no fly, no buy”. Because, how is a universal background check (private sales) enforced without violating the 4th and 5th Amendments? They claim to protect “civil rights”, but trample them, starting with a despised and demonized minority….”when they came for the gun owners….”

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