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Weaponized Ignorance

AOC is an idiot. And this is funny.

3 Responses to “Weaponized Ignorance”

  1. Tim Says:

    My church *refuses* to seriously discuss these threats. Their “big answer” is, we’ll post the head usher at the front door to meet any strangers who wander in.

    I told them, “If God-forbid this ever happens, you’ll know this is an emergency when you hear a single gun shot. About 10 seconds later, a maniac will be in the sanctuary. The only person who will stop him is someone (me) who doesn’t obey your silly ‘rules’.

  2. Ritchie Says:

    Ocarina-Quartet doesn’t have to be smart. She’s a faceplate/sock puppet.

  3. .45ACP+P Says:

    you do know that the Babylon Bee is a farce site, right? Sort of a conservative Onion.

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