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Not keen on smart guns

Ruger issued its stock-holder mandated report on gun safety.

7 Responses to “Not keen on smart guns”

  1. pkoning Says:

    Those reports would have been better if they had pointed out that gun companies don’t want to build these devices even if they “work” because they’d get boycotted into oblivion.

  2. B Dubya Says:

    Its pretty obvious that the “stock holders” that initiated the demand for a report on smart guns are the operatives of a false flag effort to impact firearm sales and company profitability.
    They don’t want smart guns. They want Ruger and S&W to be bankrupted. They are not investors in the most common sense.
    If the left’s draconian program to outlaw firearm ownership is blocked by judicial review that finds such laws to be unconstitutional, they must then seek another avenue to achieve their aim. The path they choose is lawfare.

  3. JTC Says:

    Both the above comments are dead-on accurate.

    Let us hope the former which is based on pure capitalism is not ultimately overwhelmed by the latter which is based on pure communism.

  4. Guy J. Sagi Says:

    I wrote a story about the investor group that spearheaded the stockholder demands. It’s title may have been tongue-in-cheek, “Nuns, Guns and Mutual Funds,” but there’s nothing funny about the economic clout they wield. Unfortunately, a lot of that’s been focused on Ruger and AOB.

  5. Lyle Says:

    “Is gun. Is not safe.” — Some Dude.

    Gun Safety (teaching safe handling practices) is what the NRA has done since its inception, and I bet you these so-called “investors” (infiltrator/saboteurs) hate the NRA.

    “Lawfare” is correct. I don’t know what percentage of Ruger et al is owned by the public, but they’d best see to getting it comfortably below 50.

  6. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Ruger is on the forefront of American gun making.As bad as I hate to say it, they seem a better company after Bill’s passing. I hope they keep going in their present direction.

  7. JTC Says:

    Mr. Bill was of a different generation and mindset. He had a particular vision of the role and product line for his (emphasis on *his*). The times they are a-changin’, and that company now responds more directly to the marketplace, their customer and investor bases…and of course politics. As you said, that is as it should be. Best overall consumer firearms company on the planet right now.

    The term “best overall” is used advisedly; it is not to say they are best at everything. Same thing with a company an hour up the road from me in Lakeland FL. Private grocery chain Publix was just named Best Overall grocery store in the nation…and they are actually only regional covering the Southeast. Their founding father, another Mr. Bill, Bill Jenkins, also had a vision that might seem a little old-fashioned today, closed Sundays as long as he was alive, and other policies that might seem a bit quaint today. Some of those policies like the Sunday thing have been changed and certainly modernized in other ways too…but they have kept the things that made and make them great, i.e. customer service, cleanliness, and quality of products, definitely not the “best” on price; the local one is right across from a Wally Supercenter which definitely is the “best” on price but at the bottom overall for reasons everybody is familiar with.

    Not coincidentally Publix is still a private company, 100% employee owned now, bucking the trend of investor/shareholder financial and policy control. They do take pride in their company and are one of the few that still tend to be career employment, that does make a difference.

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