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Sorry about that

My primary internet connection is in and out due to AT&T upgrading the line. Sporadic posting likely.

2 Responses to “Sorry about that”

  1. Wes S. Says:

    AT&T actually is willing to upgrade your line? That’s a true shocker. I had AT&T while living in Kansas City a few years ago, and four or five times a year I’d lose phone, Internet or both due to decaying lines and a moisture-prone junction box. Never would do any sort of upgrade or permanent fix. I would almost have been better off with tin cans and string . . .

    And the only worse thing than having AT&T phone and Internet service, is trying to cancel AT&T phone and Internet service and switch providers. Sheesh.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    AT&T with tin cans and a wet string. Worse than that is only having AT&T internets and them decimating forests with their mailings to sell you AT&T TV and phone service… for less than you’ve been paying for internets alone for years.

    Not takin’ the bait today…

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