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NICS data

The category of prohibited persons that is greatest is illegal immigrants.

2 Responses to “NICS data”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Define “prohibited”.

    If they came here illegally, and the Progressive Romish Media Political Military Industrial Education Complex is cool with that (for why wouldn’t they be; they engineered it), then surely they’ll get guns illegally and that’ll be cool too.

    An “illegal” alien with “illegal” guns, obviously, is not “prohibited” then, except in name only.

    It’s not the anti-American invaders they’re worried about anyway; it’s anyone who opposes the march toward totalitarianism.

    Gun laws are not for criminals and statists. They exist only to restrict the law-abiding, the productive and the good.

  2. WallPhone Says:

    Also fun to point out to the “no person is illegal” croud.

    For interesting insight, compare the prohibited number of people per classification to the violent-crime conviction rates by those groups.

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