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The Best .22 LR Handguns for Concealed Carry

4 Responses to “News you can use”

  1. JTC Says:

    Let’s hope prior to their upcoming piece on NAA that someone schools them what it actually is, what it’s for, and what it does better than anything else, period.

    That is a mighty purty lil’ Smif J-frame though. Too bad that at six bills it’s priced totally out of the category.

  2. Pastafarian Says:

    I hate to be that guy, but: I cannot imagine shooting anything bigger than a varmint with a .22. Raccoon, I’d say, would be the limit of this great handy little cartridge. Lethal and efficient on squirrel.

    Is it better to have a .22 than nothing at all, in an alley facing a couple of thugs armed with pipes and knives? I am honestly not so sure. Yep, I’m sure .22 has killed more people than any caliber other than 9mm — because .22 is ubiquitous, not because it’s particularly lethal. Chevys have run over more people than Jaguars, but that does not mean Chevys are more stealthy, or hit harder, than a Jag.

    I’m thinking shooting some pipe-wielding thug with a .22, right in his face, might just piss him off beyond the point of reason. And I’m thinking that might be all it would do. Maybe you guys are a lot better at shot placement under duress than am I, but for me, I think I’m drawing a red line at 9mm and 38+P for self-defense. You guys feel free to use .380 ACP, .25, .22, .177 air guns, and whatever else you want.

  3. JTC Says:


    It’s a piece on .22 delivery systems, not an installment in the continuing saga of caliber wars, but fyi, .380 is 9mm.

  4. ExpatNJ Says:

    I would prefer – and recommend – larger than .22cal for self-defense against 2-legged pests; however, a true incident from 30yrs ago demonstrates the potential damage .22 can do.

    Hinkley shot President Reagan with .22cal revolver. The projectile entered under his arm(pit) – a very lucky shot – bounced-around inside his rib cage, and punctured a lung. Secret Service intended to take him directly back to WH. When he started coughing-up blood, and his breathing became difficult, they diverted to the hospital. He was very seriously wounded.

    Remember: bad guys don’t want to be shot with *anything* (SS: I am NOT referring to POTUS …).

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