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This as my interest

Smith & Wesson J-frame Versus Ruger LCR. Leaning toward the LCR, to be honest.

14 Responses to “This as my interest”

  1. Huck Says:

    I have a Smith and Wesson model 637 and I love it. Lightweight and compact. It’s not a pistol that I’d use in competition shooting but what snubby is? It’s rated for .38 Special +P but using +P in that short barreled light pistol results in a very strong recoil. I just use standard factory loads.

    Ruger handguns are good. I had a GP-100 and a Redhawk and while they were good revolvers I like my S&W model 25-15 and S&W model 10 more. Ruger revolvers seem clunky to me compared to Smith and Wesson revolvers.

  2. Charles Says:

    I have a SW 649 (stainless). I like it. That said, I like to carry the Ruger LCR much more. The trigger on the LCR is just amazing for a double action only revolver. I installed a fiber optic front sight on mine. Very simple to do.

  3. Heath J Says:

    I’ve carried a 638 for the past 12 years and love it. Single action option is really nice, and the double action is serviceable. Can’t comment on the Ruger.

  4. Heath J Says:

    Added thought.

    I was in Vernal, Utah at a public range a while back. They have a steel bear silhouette at about 400 yards. It took me MANY tries, but I did hit that bastard with a 638 Smith. Think lobbing the rnds like a friggin mortar, but it’s doable.

    How many other folks can brag on a 400 yd hit with a piddly .38?

  5. Tom Says:

    I have both. Carried both. Carry the LCR and love it.

    Only gripe I have, there is a retention pin inside that rattles when I walk. I think I am the only person who hears it but I feel like Iím carrying a baby rattle.

  6. Joe Says:

    Go for the lightest revolver that you can find… carry a lot shoot a little… Also replace the front sight with a Hi-Viz.

  7. Joe Says:

    Yes the LCR trigger is amazing

  8. SumDood Says:

    If you are going to pocket-carry, ditch the rubber grips for wood or rigid synthetic. Eagle “secret service” boot grip for S&W, and someone makes a wood replacement grip for the LCR.

    The rubber grips are too sticky in the pocket, and make fast draw more difficult.

  9. JTC Says:

    @Joe, got you covered on the lightest wheelies in two categories (oh yes carrying does have categories)…

    Hard to beat a little NAA22LR as is my constant companion in its critical category, and a 13oz Colt Cobra that is my Sunday go to meetiní IWB carry companion. Itís a Ď54 like me but in better condition, traded even-up for a Glock in the early 90ís when I hated Glocks which I donít anymore. But I digress, as usual.

  10. Will Says:

    Stay away from spur hammer models, unless you plan on installing a pocket hammer. It’s not a target gun, you don’t need single action on a defensive revolver. You DON’T WANT it. Prosecutors have a history of charging self-defense shooters with having an accidental discharge with revolvers that have single action capability. They see a spur, you must have cocked it. You get screwed this way.
    You need to do all defensive practice in double action. Period.

  11. JTC Says:


    A few things have changed in ten year…an iPhone replaced the flip, a tough little lockblade let my daddy’s little Browning pen knife retire, and a Ford truck key has again replaced that Dodge Hemi one.

    But the NAA and the Cobra? Doing what they’ve done for forty and sixty years respectively. And can I just mention here how the Cobra’s new ten-pound iteration is completely useless in the most important handgun segment of concealed carry? Sometimes the future IS stupid.

  12. Erik Says:

    LCR (copper cylinder with a hammer if you can find it)
    S&W BodyGaurd with that cool cylinder release.

  13. Bob Says:

    I found a new BG38 trigger much better than a new J frame trigger and similar to the LCR. I also liked the longer extractor stroke of the BG38.

    I suggest you try all the different models you might buy. You may find some quirk you do not like in a particular model.

  14. Jay Eimer Says:

    LCR trigger is way better than the any J frame I’ve tried that didn’t have a LOT of trigger work done – and beat most of them, too. Mine’s in .357 Mag with factory fiber optic front sight and easy to shoot accurate out to 25yds. Still suffers from sore palm and giant fireball with the magnums in the short barrel, though.

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