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The Best Coat Pocket Defensive Pistols. I’ve been eyeing a Ruger LCR for this. Though I don’t really want one in .38 because I don’t need another caliber to buy. I’m leaning toward .357.

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  1. Roadkill Says:

    At the Oak Ridge shoot, I shot Oddball’s .357 LCR. For the love of god, never let that thing sit in the sun and load up .357 mag steel case. Jack ended up having to hammer them out with a rod. Odd thought I was channeling my usual curse of at least one of his guns not liking me for every shoot we’ve been to together.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    Get the .357, fire .38 anyway, because tiny lightweight .357s are … punishing.

    (I fire .38 in my .357, and .44 special in my .44 magnum.

    Because I don’t like stinging palms and unhappiness.)

  3. Ben C Says:

    I’ve got the 38 LCR with the “boot grip” that is smooth on the sides and rubber cushioned on the rear, unlike the Hogue grip which is grippy all the way around. Carries nice in a pocket and doesn’t grab clothing.

    The 38 LCR has an aluminum alloy & poly frame, where the 357 has a steel and poly frame. I like the lighter gun for pocket carry, and wouldn’t be shooting 357 out of the 357 version anyway.

  4. Alemaster Says:

    Nine mm in LCR. Same size as but a little heavier than the .38 spc. Loads fast with the moon clips. I’ve got a 9mm, a couple of .38 spcs, and a .357 in LCR. Like them all. Have fun choosing. regards, Alemaster

  5. Bruce Says:


  6. Bruce Says:

    OR and LCR in 9mm.

  7. qmony Says:

    I carry the S&W 442. Love it.

  8. Ravenwood Says:

    For revolvers, always buy .357 over .38 or .44 magnum over .44 special. Then shoot the less powerful round if you so desire.

    For pistols, I like the 9mm Sig P365 (10+1 rounds) or the .380 M&P Bodyguard (with an upgraded aftermarket trigger) (6+1 rounds). The Sig is striker fired, whereas the much smaller M&P has a DAO recessed hammer. My M&P Bodyguard also has an integrated laser pointer making it useful during business meetings.

  9. pkoning Says:

    “… useful during business meetings”. Oy!

    I like my Boberg XR9. The XR45 needs its feed reliability issue cured, then it too should be very nice. And the 9 is still available, from Bond Arms.

  10. James Archer Says:

    I recommend the .357. Unlike the other commentators here I shoot 125 grain .357 in mine. I find it controllable unlike the scandium S&Ws, the Ruger’s weight makes a big difference. I used to carry a 442 as backup, but I found it difficult to shoot well and got rid of it, the Ruger seems much easier to be accurate with for me.

  11. Paul Says:

    Don’t need another cartridge to buy? Diversify! Supplies may dry up for your favorite packing pistol. Never hurts to have a few more calibers to feed.

    And a S&W airweight J frame Centennial .38 is real easy to pack!

  12. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    What Bruce said, 9mm has better ballistics from a short bbl than a .38. Go ‘figger.

  13. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Here you go:

  14. Erik Says:

    You know itís OK to get one in 38 and just buy a box or two of shells. You donít need stockpiles of the ammo. Thatís for your War Face firearms.

  15. Critter Says:

    Meh, buy the 357 and put 38’s in it. No biggie.

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