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News you can use

Go forth and be clueful: Whats the Maximum Effective Range of Buckshot?

2 Responses to “News you can use”

  1. mikee Says:

    I recall reading articles in hunting magazines about #4 buckshot, and the theory of the “magic pellet.” It was the one pellet of the load that had enough energy to penetrate a buck far enough to kill it by damaging the heart or lungs.

    I also recall reading military articles about shotguns used in Vietnam, which were loaded with #4 buckshot and considered an efficient weapon.

    Why limit yourself to 00 or #1, with the small number of pellets involved, when you get so many more (although smaller) pellets in a #4 load?

    And if I’m shooting beyond 40 yards or so, why not use a slug in the first place, that I can aim at the target with some reliability of hitting it?

  2. Will Says:

    Years ago (~20?) a San Jose CA officer was killed at 100yds distance from a gunfight, while directing traffic. Hit by a 00B pellet that was fired by another officer. I don’t recall the injury location. He was DRT.

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