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Surprising no one, gun control doesn’t work

UC Davis:

A study of firearm homicide and suicide rates in the 10 years after California simultaneously mandated comprehensive background checks for nearly all firearm sales and a prohibition on gun purchase and possession for persons convicted of most violent misdemeanor crimes found no change in the rates of either cause of death from firearms through 2000.

The senior author, Wintemute, is a long time anti-gun hack. And he concluded this.

5 Responses to “Surprising no one, gun control doesn’t work”

  1. Miles Says:

    You just know this has to burn in Wintermute’s guts.

  2. Jailer Says:

    Right. And now the spin will be it’s not doing anything because it doesn’t go far enough. We must ban more…for the children……

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Yeah, but knowing the anti’s they’ll just spin it into “Well clearly we need to try again only harder!”

  4. kahr40 Says:

    Notice the subheading.

    “Incomplete background-check records, absence of permit-to-purchase provision, and compliance among possible explanations for findings”

    Excuses for not getting the desired results. I’m surprised they even published. Then again more, better, harder.

  5. Lyford Says:

    Well, there is this:

    “Wintemute notes that the quality and completeness of the records upon which background checks are completed has improved significantly since 2000 and studies of the more rigorous permit-to-purchase laws show a clear benefit on reducing firearm mortality by as much as 40 percent for homicides and 16 percent for suicides.”

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