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Internet commando time


2 Responses to “Internet commando time”

  1. Angus Mcthag Says:

    I defend the M1911A1’s reliability record because it really was the standard for “goes bang every time” for decades. Look up the acceptance standards during WW2.

    Most people have never even held an actual M1911A1, even though they own a “1911”.

    Reliability came a price, accuracy was nothing special.

    It’s when accuracy minimums started to climb that the reliability started to decline.

    I’m not in the camp that likes the M1911A1 and hates Glock. The only trouble I’ve ever had with a Glock has been from using poorly resized reloaded ammo; not the fault of the gun at all.

  2. Michael Quinn Says:

    Go look at some of Tam’s 2000 round tests on high end 1911s. They conclusively prove that you can build an accurate reliable 1911. It just costs $2000+. Granted that’s a pretty compelling argument against the 1911 as a practical weapon but to paraphrase a certain mister Bueler, for those with the means a high end 1911 is an experience not to be missed.

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