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But they’re A rated on gun laws

California’s ‘Reasonable Regulation’ of Guns Did Not Stop the Thousand Oaks Shooting

Funny thing is, I was trying to google up the Brady Campaign’s score card, which listed California as A rated for years. It appears they don’t do that anymore. However, Gabby Giffords’ astroturf organization The Giffords Law Center does. And it gives Cali the solid A.

3 Responses to “But they’re A rated on gun laws”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    We should combat their A-F ratings with a sliding scale based on gun freedoms. I haven’t worked out all the particulars yet and am open to ideas, but it would go something like this:

    Return fire – places like Virginia, Texas, Florida, Tennessee

    Duck and Cover – Michigan, Colorado

    Kiss your ass goodbye – Californiastan, Peoples Republic of New Jersey, Taxachussets, etc.

  2. Mike Says:

    The Republicans, I think, haven proven their true colors: They don’t give a shit about gun owners, or about keeping promises made to gun owners, they only care about gun owners’ votes. I feel good about voting Libertarian.

  3. Blue Falcon in Boston Says:

    Voting Libertarian gives you a (D) majority in Congress which passes anti-gun measures vs. the national GOPe which at least is apathetic about moving the ball forward on Pro2A measures, but at least doesn’t carry it back like the DNC does.

    Do you want pro2A SCotUS appointees or not? Libertarians are to the GOP what the Green Party is to the DNC. SPOILERS!

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