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NSSF to sue Google

They look to be initiating a class action lawsuit:

If your company was prevented from using Google AdWords/AdSense you are being invited to join a class action lawsuit that is now pending in federal court in San Jose, California.

To qualify, a person or company must have had its AdWords/AdSense account suspended or terminated by Google LLC between March 2014 and September 2017 based on the fact their websites advertised any products that (i) were designed to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense or combat such as knives, crossbows and guns or (ii) which comprised any part or component necessary to the function of a gun (iii) or which were intended for attachment to a gun in violation of Googles dangerous products or services policy.

One Response to “NSSF to sue Google”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    Heh.. if they really want to sock it to Google, they should seek to have them declared a monopoly.

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