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I probably need work in this area

What Medical Training Should I Get For Concealed Carry?

I’m certified in first aid and CPR because it gets me discounted company insurance.

5 Responses to “I probably need work in this area”

  1. Heath J Says:

    Ambulance Driver did a little course geared towards treating wounds that might happen at a range last time NRACON was in Indianapolis. Very informative, and the price included a decent trauma kit. Might be something to ask him about.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Probably not a bad idea for anyone, whether carrying a gun or not.

  3. Other Steve Says:

    I recommend a back country medical course. Itíll be a little more intensive and cover a little more ground than an adv CPR.

    Usually river guides, parks and rec people, etc have to certify in something like that so might be a good start for research. You can also check with local search and rescue types.

    Some trainers are offering full on TCCC which Iíve done before, but honestly at the range you are more likely to see heat stroke or heart attack than massive arterial bleed.

  4. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    Stop the Bleed training is a good course, for everyone:

    US Carry (one of my insurance carriers) offered a similar course, which was pretty good…

    A regular First Aid course will not cover treating gunshot wounds sufficiently, I think. But, anyone who last learned first aid when ‘tourniquets are bad’ should get themselves some up to date training, fast.

  5. Knice Says:

    If you carry a gun, you should carry a tourniquet and wound packing gauze.

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