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Ammo maker suing Dick’s

For breach of contract and fraud.

3 Responses to “Ammo maker suing Dick’s”

  1. Crawler Says:

    It’s apparent the upper echelon at Dick’s was betting on ole Crooked Hilary to win in a landslide so the sale of the unpaid ammunition sitting in BBM’s warehouse could be sold for higher profits.

    I already knew Dick’s was a sleazeball outfit, but purposely tying up a vendor’s 4.5M dollars because the presidential election didn’t go their way is just low-life despicable.

  2. rd Says:

    ^^ What he said. ^^

  3. Nomen Nescio Says:

    that has to be some nasty sort of supplier contract they got bound up in. because if i’d been that supplier, contractual obligations and legal threats would’ve been the only thing to keep me from discounting that ammo stock on ebay long before it ever had to go to court.