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Knife bleg updated

Thanks for the comments. I had a kershaw with the wave. Didn’t much care for the flimsy blade. A few nuggets of truth from the comments:

Folders are for opening the mail, boxes from Amazon, or cutting salami.

Fixed blades are for self defense.

As for the fixed blade, I carry a clinch pick by shiv works. Do recommend.

And this is what I have recently figured out:

I cant tell you how many friends of mine called me crazy for carrying a $200+ dollar blade while showing me their $40-$60 Spydercos, Kershaws, and CRKTs. 5 years later theyre on their 4th and 5th knives broken/bent clips, screws falling out, pivot bearing failures and Im still carrying the same Emerson.

That is what I have been going through. I think I’m on Spyderco number 4. I snagged the Emerson Commander. We’ll see how it goes.

11 Responses to “Knife bleg updated”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    I’m no expert, but Kershaw seems to have two tiers of knife. The made in China crap, and the Made in the USA ones.

    I own both and have never had any of them fall apart, though the Made in USA ones do appear to be sturdier. And Kershaw warranty is very good.

  2. Michael Quinn Says:

    I’m at a decade with a Kershaw Chive. Clipped to my pocket every day. Never an issue with the clip. Every 2-3 years I have to call Kershaw and ask them to send me a new torsion spring which they do, no charge, no questions asked. They always send me two or three so that I have a spare for next time. I always lose the extra long before I need it. There must be a half dozen of the things somewhere in my basement.

  3. lysander6 Says:

    My go-to smaller fixed blade has been the Felony Stop, very comfortable, bulletproof and will last a lifetime. Traveled the world with it to include AFG. The sheath is not what it should be. Ergonomically one of the best fits for a knife ever.

  4. nk Says:

    The only important thing is if you like it, Uncle.

    I’ve stopped counting my folders. More than 60? After a couple of days, when the tingle subsides, I go back to a 3″ Gerber Bolt Action, 440C full flat grind drop-point, that’s been my EDC since 1985. But only custom knifemakers make them like that these days.

  5. Ben C Says:

    I’m 10 years in on a USA made (and since discontinued) Kershaw folder. Model is 1653. It gets used regularly for a pry bar, scraper and sometimes even a knife. I’m not looking forward to when this eventually gets destroyed.

  6. Dave Says:

    Zero Tolerance folders have some pretty stout internals for folders. No, theyre not fixed blade, but they easily 2x as strong as my kershaw folders – which I admit are not in the same price league.

    ZT0350 comes in smooth or serrated and can be had for around a buck 20

  7. Huck Says:

    I have a Benchmade ATS-34 which says Emerson on one side of the blade, that I’ve had since 1998. It was my work knife at the Fire Department for the last 7 years of my career.

    The teeth on the serrated edge part are notably worn and most of the dark finish on the blade is gone plus the handle has a lot of wear on it. But it’s still good to go. I use it for damn near everything and there’s no way that I’m ever going to part with it.

  8. BenC Says:

    I have a Chris Reeve Sebenza that I carried and loved until the day that I lost it. Thankfully I found it a little while later but it was the last time I carried it.
    It doesn’t hurt near as much to lose a $40-$60 dollar knife as it does a $300 knife and I like getting new knifes.

  9. Will Says:


    ATS-34 is the blade’s steel alloy type, not a model number. I’m told there are better alloys available now. Got mine about ’94, I think. Carry it every day. Probably a similar model, but mine says Bali-Song + Benchmade.

    Sharpest blade I have ever encountered, including scalpels. Stayed sharp for many years. Has trouble holding an edge since I had the factory re-sharpen it. I’ve heard that that is why it’s not much used any more. Needs to be tempered each time, and the factory can’t do it. Not a simple process, it seems.

  10. nk Says:

    Same exact thing with my Benchmade, Will. I was using it in the kitchen to slice liver, it was that sharp. After many years, it lost the razor edge and it just won’t take a new one. I suspect Benchmade achieved the initial edge with cryogenic hardening which is only a few microns thick leaving the grain underneath too coarse.

  11. Dogzard Says:

    Going on 17 years with a CRKT M14-16. Been my daily carrier this whole time, with zero problems.

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