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A civil rights victory

Judge says non-violent DUIs not enough to meet standard for lifelong gun ban

3 Responses to “A civil rights victory”

  1. Ken in NH Says:

    I think I’ve said it here before but I’ll say it again. If we can’t trust a person to possess a gun, vote, or live near an elementary school then why the hell are we letting them out of prison? (And I understand that this implies a life sentence for some people like pedophiles.)

  2. Dave L. Says:

    In Texas, it has to be (at least) a third conviction for DWI to get to a felony without injuring anyone.

    Honestly, at that level of stupid, I’d be OK with barring them from owning a gun.

  3. Blue Falcon in Boston Says:

    Massachusetts makes everything a misdafelony intentionally to disqualify the largest pool of people from being able to obtain firearm licenses in the state and turn them into federally prohibited persons. I hope this ruling will eventually help curtail that nonsense.

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